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How to save money when ordering a wedding cake

The wedding cake is to the reception as the bouquet is to the ceremony – and more. It is often the focal point of the decor for the reception hall standing tall and beautiful. To keep cost down many brides choose to skip the catered dinner completely in favor of cake and finger food because the wedding cake brings so much versatility to the wedding reception. That does not mean, however, that no bride should ever consider how to save money on her wedding cake. Indeed, just a couple choices could make the difference of hundreds of dollars. That said, here are five suggestions for how to save money when ordering a wedding cake.


Choose Buttercream Icing: Many despise buttercream icing, and with good reason; often it is made with shortening and therefore tastes greasy. However, if you can find someone that makes their buttercream icing with real butter or white margarine (some less skilled bakeries will only use shortening because it is easier to work with because it holds up better in the humidity) it will taste divine and, in the hands of an artisan, can look nearly as smooth as fondant – without the cost. Often the savings over fondant are in the ballpark of one dollar per slice. › Continue reading

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Wedding cakes for beach theme wedding

If you are in search of beach theme wedding cakes suggestions then you definitely have chosen to celebrate your wedding in a less traditional way. In this case you are free to let your imagination go wild and reach for a type of  beach theme wedding cake that is shaped according to your style and needs. If the imagination fails on you then you could browse through the many wedding sites that display various ideas of wedding cakes that are appropriate to a beach themed wedding celebration.


Now due to the fact that it is a wedding cake that needs to be introduced in the atmosphere of a beach venue you should take into account some features that draw this wedding item apart from its other peers:

Do not forget about one element that will be most of the day present inside the wedding unfolding: the sun. In case the reception will last till dusk and continuing throughout the entire night, then you shouldn’t worry about the sun, should you? But what is there to be done when a wedding reception introduces the beach theme wedding cake when the sun is still up heating more the atmosphere? › Continue reading

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Ideas for the fall themed wedding cake

Fall themed weddings have always displayed themselves as great opportunities to allow brides to incorporate the colorful decorations in the ambient as well as for their  fall themed wedding cake .


Apart from the wedding gown that you will choose to wear, the atmosphere that you will design both for the interior and outdoor spaces, the fall themed wedding cake will be among these showpieces of the vent that has to make a statement.

The theme itself is a very special one, considering that most of the brides choose the season of summer and its opportunities to have the wedding celebrated in the easiness of a style that only summertime can offer. › Continue reading

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The Option for Square Wedding Cakes

With the planning of your wedding you will have to come sooner or later to the moment when the cake should be selected, and many times the option for  square wedding cakes comes as quite a unique one. It is known that each wedding comes with its own note of distinctiveness, and the  square wedding cake as the dessert of your wedding dinner will definitely draw your audience admiration.

Wedding Cakes

Many times square wedding cakes have proven to be more versatile in allowing various styles of decorations as well as more stability in carrying the topper of whatever shape and symbol it might be. If your decision is already taken, then you should proceed into looking for the one that can be a perfect match to the theme of your wedding or to the color scheme of your wedding if there is one.

Even if all these are missing, the color on the overall aspect of a square wedding cake, and not only square shaped, is very important as it can symbolically reflect the feelings, the meaning of a flower that is used as a decorative item or it can simply suggest the flavor of the cake. In order to know exactly what you wish for when having to order your wedding cake, you should do some research in this matter. › Continue reading

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Choosing the perfect wedding cake Ideas

The wedding cakes are masterly crafted and decorated by a talented and creative baker. The bride and groom will often use the wedding cakes as the centerpiece in the wedding reception. Here are a few ideas in choosing the perfect wedding cake.


The wedding cakes can be customized to meet the needs of the venue, decoration, and season. Just tell the baker what you need. Everything is almost possible to make in any wedding cake.

The baker decorates the wedding cakes with drapes, ribbon, flavors, scent, tops, and flowers. Traditionally, the wedding cakes come in white. With any wedding theme, the baker changes the color of the drapes, ribbon, flavors, scent, tops, and flowers. For example, a greenish wedding cake can be good for green weddings. The green symbolizes the awareness and responsibility to the environment. › Continue reading

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Betty Crocker: Royal Wedding Cake Designer

The odds that Betty Crocker would be asked to bake the wedding cake for Prince William and his fiancée may seem about as likely as Spam showing up on the couple’s hors d’oeuvres list, but that hasn’t stopped the icon of a certain kind of middle-class American domesticity from trying to get in on the royal wedding action.

royal-wedding-cakes-betty-crockerAnd dare we say that the old gal has done a pretty good job of it.

With much fawning hoopla, Betty Crocker has created four different wedding cakes for Will and Kate in anticipation of what no doubt will soon be dubbed the “wedding of the decade” on April 29. Each cake takes as its theme part of the classic British wedding tradition of “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” › Continue reading

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Cupcakes help to tailor flavors and colors to the wedding

Cupcakes are whimsical, easy to serve and may be more cost-effective than the traditional multitiered wedding cake. They can also reflect the bridal couple’s personalities and tastes — which is why they’re so popular.

wedding cupcakes

“Each tier (of a cupcake stand) offers you the opportunity to completely change the cake and the icing. You can’t do that with a traditional cake,” said Bobbie Lloyd, president and chief baking officer of New York-based Magnolia Bakery.

“With cupcakes, (couples are) looking more for flavor. You may have one layer of pumpkin cupcakes with maple-cream cheese icing. Another layer could be coconut cake with meringue icing,” she said, noting Magnolia’s cupcake trees hold from 24 to more than 100 cupcakes. › Continue reading

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Paper takes the cake at weddings

Paper may be the traditional gift for a first wedding anniversary, but many couples have started incorporating it into their wedding day.

This year, brides and grooms are opting for paper crafts, such as flowers and cake toppers, instead of their more traditional counterparts.

Paper flowers, for example, last longer than live flowers, and they can be shaped into beautiful artistic designs.

Aimee Empey, owner of Paper, Gowns & Glory in Charlestown, Mass., ( says, “Our paper floral arrangements are made to be a keepsake. They will never wilt and may be passed down to the next bride in the family. They’re timeless.”

Additionally, you can reuse them in your home or office as a reminder of your special day. They can also be taken apart and rearranged. They cost about $150 and up, depending on the complexity of the arrangement. › Continue reading

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Find out available styles of wedding cakes

When you plan your wedding day, you will always reach to the point where styles have their word to say, the same happening for the  wedding cakes styles when the time has come to consider the aspect of your impressive wedding dinner dessert. Thus you will find out that many styles of wedding cakes are available, and due to this fact you will have sometimes hard moments in finding the best one and the most appropriate for your wedding celebration.


But before reaching to the best one and the most matching one for your wedding, when you should consider plenty of factors, you should first see what wedding cakes styles are available on the market of bakers and cake decorators. To be more informed and before venturing into ordering one, you should access the online websites that offer not only styles and recipes, but also images to reveal to you the various options and for you to be able to decide in a less stressful way. The following wedding cakes styles will be displayed:

* The classic wedding cake – this one would be the round or square cake that has multiple tiers, generally they stop at 3 or 4, although many can consider it made in other tiers added, till the cake reaches impressive heights. This wedding cake style can have its icing, decoration and topper according to the couple’s personality and wedding theme as well. › Continue reading

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Choose Your designer wedding cake

The main focus of most wedding receptions is the wedding cake. Not many people leave the reception before the cake is cut, as it is an important tradition. Your wedding cake will feature in a lot of wedding photographs, which you will have to look at for years to come. One of the main images our your wedding will be when you and your partner cut the cake together, the first symbol of your new relationship to one another. Thus, you should take some time to choose the perfect wedding cake.


Traditionally, wedding cakes used to be three tiered, and were covered with royal icing. Nowadays, there are hundreds of cakes that you can choose from, which vary in design, look, size as well as taste. You can even get a wedding cake customized to your own unique design and have just about any design imaginable.

When you are ready to start looking for the perfect wedding cake, these are the factors that you have to take into consideration in choosing your designer wedding cake: › Continue reading

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