Unusual Wedding Cakes for your wedding

The wedding cake is to the reception as the bouquet is to the ceremony – and more. It is often the focal point of the decor for the reception hall standing tall and beautiful. Moreover, it is functional because it serves a dual purpose of providing, not only the symbolic imagery of the sweetness of a new marriage and the hope for all the goodness that will bring, but also because the wedding cake provides desert for the guests as well.


Anything you can dream up is possible for your wedding cake. Sports themes, beach scenes, buildings, animals, movies, whatever you desire. There’s a designer out there who can create it and bake it. Even if you are on a limited budget, you don’t have to settle for plain and mundane.

Unusual cakes are becoming more and more common than the traditional wedding cake.

The flavors of the cake can be just as exotic as the design itself. You can actually have something besides vanilla or even chocolate. Grand Marnier, pumpkin, cappuccino, chai tea, peanut butter and jelly, cookies and cream, all flavors are legal. If you feel like your tastes may be too unusual for your guests, have a second plain sheet cake as an altern.

Your cake doesn’t have to even look like cake.  I mean, get creative, a funny shape, a funny picture, a funny taste is going to get people surprised, maybe even a little shocked.  I mean, you don’t want your cake to be unpleasant to the taste, but it doesn’t need to be conventional.  Go crazy, it is your wedding day.

Now that you have a unique cake, design and flavor, don’t forget to add a just as unusual wedding cake topper to match your theme. There are so many different toppers available online you probably will be able to find one that will fit your theme.

If not, there are places that will create your very own unique wedding cake topper for you. Artists will actually hand carve the topper to your specifications. This customization will cost a little more. You may also need you to submit your request sometimes months in advance in order to have it ready for the wedding.

Some of the best examples of unusual wedding cakes are created for celebrities. With a bigger budget than us common folk, celebrities can have some of the most elaborately decorated cakes. For example, Blair Underwood’s Eiffel Tower wedding cake stood over six feet tall. Ashlee Simpson’s wedding cake complimented her Alice in Wonderland theme with an odd concoction of a top hat, clock, tea kettle and flower pot. You can get plenty of ideas from celebrity examples, but then find local bakers that can design your cake within your budget.

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