Winter Wedding Cakes

Your Wedding Cake is the centre piece of your wedding so it deserves the thinking time. Sometimes all it takes to create that delicious winter wedding cake is a few well-placed accessories. Surround your cake and its table with Mother Nature’s treasures. Look for berries, pinecones, holly leaves, poinsettia plants, magnolia leaves, and any other plant or flower that would be appropriate.


Because you are serving food, however, you might want to avoid the real thing. Some plants and berries are poisonous.

While wedding cakes come in all different styles, shapes, colours, flavours and designs,they are traditionally are round or square.  A square wedding cake delivers clean lines which are both modern and elegant.  However, these days it is worth remembering that anything is possible.

Square wedding cakes have become very popular at the moment. Many contemporary brides are choosing square wedding cakes over the round traditional wedding cakes. Also they are much easier to cut and can be give out to wedding guests quicker and will probably serve serve more guests.

You can go for a white cake with white icing trimmed with blue and silver. Decorations and cake toppers like pinecones, snowflakes made of spun sugar, metallic cake decorations, or a wedding cake platform shaped like a sled (and drawn by white or silver reindeer) are always an elegant choice. For a fun, lighthearted touch, consider adding sugar polar bears or chocolate penguins to a blue-iced wedding cake.

Winter wedding cakes don’t have to be necessarily white . With the wide range of colors and themes available to the winter cake, let your imaginations run. Celebrate winter and all it has to offer with a sparkling confection which highlights the magic of the season. Color and imaginative design will never be more appropriate than in the center of the cake table at a winter wedding.

For example you can opt for a Christmas cakes designed to look like daintily wrapped presents with poinsettia, holly or evergreen decorations. Accents can include pine cones, theme-shaped glass ornaments and cranberries. January’s chill brings with it New Year’s Day and all the glamour and glitz of the holiday. Highlight the crisp snow flakes, icicles and sparkling lights of winter nights with edible glitters, gold and silver cake toppers and layers of snowy icing.

If you’re planning your wedding in February you should consider the Valentines Day wedding cake. You can choose a heart-shaped cake covered in pink or red roses, and pomegranates and mandarin oranges can add to the holiday spirit. Consider a chocolate cake, instead of the traditional white, for a delicious alternative to the expected.

Woodsy and Rustic. Relatively new but enchanting, this theme involves rustic notes such as bird’s nests, lanterns grapevines, pussy willows, iced branches and adorable bird motifs (naturalistic ones, like chickadees).The cake often sports some kind of cedar or pine, snow-tipped pinecones and a stunning bird-and-twig topper.

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