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Choose black and white wedding cake


When planning your wedding, no matter what season you are getting married in, consider white wedding flowers. I was recently at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City and I saw a spectacular reception table centerpiece using white winter wedding flowers. As a wedding event planner, I am always on the look out for new and different ways to incorporate wedding floral arrangements.

White wedding flowers always give the room an elegant look and feel. You have so many options with adding color in other areas of the room as well as your wedding when you use white wedding floral arrangements. A black and white wedding where the wedding party except for the bride is dressed in black stands out beautifully against an all white decorated room.

When planning your wedding, consider bringing in color in other areas of your wedding reception such as the wedding cake or room lighting. If you dress your bridal party in black, you can compliment them with a black and white fleur-de-lis pattern on the wedding cake. Want a winter wonderland feel to the room? Add blue up-lighting to the walls and include a white dance floor with a gobo to illuminate it. › Continue reading

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Wedding Cake Traditions From Certain Areas World Wide

The view of a charming cake is amongst the high points of a wedding reception. Design just a few fact, cutting of your cake has turned into an universal practice, though there are many activities and beliefs involving this interesting aspect of a wedding ceremony.

The practice in some places, where traditional cakes (small barley or wheat cakes) utilized during weddings is very funny. However, the groom breaks the cakes for the bride’s head and the guests pick-up the broken pieces as an expression of luck. However, the most prevalent and the most loved sharing this cake with guests. In certain traditions, its seen as a defence against evil spirits when everybody gets a minimum of a piece of the wedding cake. This can be a taboo for any individual to reject it.

Traditions from different parts of the planet differ and several are mentioned below.

The croquembouche would be the wedding cake in France. It’s a heap of cream-filled pastries. It’s mould in pyramid shape as well as caramel serves as a binding agent. There are many traditions that come with this during medieval times. › Continue reading

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Some Unusual Ideas for Cake Toppers


Cake Toppers are an important part of many celebrations and these are particularly seen in most weddings. Wedding planners believe that the best way to begin any reception for the wedding is by going for the best possible cake topper. Although there are a lot of couples who prefer the traditional toppers for their wedding cakes.

But with the passage of time, a lot of unusual and unique ideas are coming through. Now, more and more weddings, anniversary celebrations and even birthdays are including toppers that are brilliantly thought of and completely unique for the ceremony. The following lines provide information on different toppers and what can be chosen at what time.

The only thing that should be remembered here is that it all depends on the choice or style of the couple or individual for whom the celebrations are planned. Generally, the toppers are divided into two different types. › Continue reading

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Ideas for Decorating a Wedding Cake With Fresh Flowers

wedding cake

Wedding cakes are magnificently distinctive creations where typically no two are the same. Since they are created for each individual couple there are many options to use as jumping-off points to create a beautiful, edible piece of art. An attractive element to incorporate in cake decoration is the use of fresh flowers.

1.Cascading Down

One gorgeous option for using fresh flowers on a wedding cake is to have a bouquet or stem of flowers cascading down the side of the cake. On the stem, this idea works well for flowers with stems attached and flowers spaced out such as orchids and cherry blossoms. It also looks nice with flowers cut from the stem and grouped closely together, such as roses and gerbera daisies. The cascading effect looks good with a thick bunch, thin bunch or a bunch that starts thick on the bottom and ends up thin on the top. This idea also makes it easy to remove the flowers for cutting and eating.

2.Around Bottom

Arranging fresh flowers around the bottom of a wedding cake offers limitless possibilities. The flowers can be placed on the bottom of the cake, in a vase next to the cake, or on the table surrounding the cake. › Continue reading

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Cheese Wedding Cakes Are Becoming More Popular

Weddings are changing. Many of them are less formal affairs than they used to be and retailers over the years have jumped eagerly on the concept of the ‘tailor-made’ wedding. Gothic-horror wedding cakes, Cinderella-themed weddings and even weddings at favourite fast food restaurants don’t even provoke the blink of an eye nowadays.

And recently, more and more couples have opted not for an achingly-sweet tiered wedding cake, but a savoury wedding cake made entirely out of cheese.

What Is A Cheese Wedding Cake?

A cheese wedding cake is made from a selection of cheeses arranged in a tower and decorated as a centrepiece for a wedding. The cheeses are usually stacked one of top of one another, starting with the widest at the bottom and the smallest on top, although some people prefer to present them on cake stands instead. › Continue reading

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For the Love of Cake

For Kristen Repa, making a cake isn’t just an occupation. It’s an art form.

“I got into this industry because I love my craft,” said Repa, owner of Dessert Works in Westwood. “I love making cakes. It’s rewarding, it’s challenging. There’s so much to it.”

Dessert Works, located in Lambert’s Plaza on Providence Highway, has actually been in business for nearly 10 years (the anniversary comes this June), but only since February has the bakery been located in Westwood.

“We’re known here for our specialty cakes,” Repa said. “It’s a very broad statement, but basically, our philosophy is, sure, we’ll start our customer relationship off with a wedding cake, but then hopefully we’ll be creating your baby shower cake, an anniversary cake, the first birthday, and on and on.”

Originally opening in Medfield in 2001, Repa bought the business from its previous owner. › Continue reading

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Wedding Cakes with Decidedly Different Designs

So maybe the traditional, 3-tiered, white icing fruitcake isn’t exactly what you have in mind when you dream of your perfect wedding cake. With so many fun and funky designs out there, and an attitude of “anything goes” when it comes to weddings, now is the perfect time to be looking for that decidedly different wedding cake.

As important as a wedding cake is to your wedding’s overall design, after all it does hold a prominent place in the room, it’s more important to design your wedding and let your cake fall into your plans than to do it the other way around.

Decide on the overall theme and tone of your wedding and let the wedding cake design work its way in. Don’t worry that you won’t be able to find a design to suit you, with so many cake decorating artists on the market, it will be easy to find someone that goes outside the traditional wedding cake box, even if you have to go online and have it shipped.

When choosing a cake outside of the norm, it is important to have a clear picture of exactly what you want. Just saying you want something avante garde or different and leaving the choice up to a designer that met you only yesterday, can be a recipe for disaster. If you have found a picture you like and a cake designer/baker whose work you admire, then it is a good idea to make sure that the talent is up to the task, if the picture is not one of their own designs. › Continue reading

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How to Order a Cake

1. Reserve your date with a decorator or bakery
Call the bakeries or cake decorators in your area to check for date availability. If the date is open that will then give you opportunity to make an appointment to go in and check out the designs, taste and skill level of the business. Depending on the decorator you may need to call as far as 6 months to a year ahead to reserve your date. Many specialty cake decorators limit the number of wedding cakes they do each week where bakeries have a larger staff and can do a larger quantity of cakes. Thursday through Saturdays are very hectic for baking, decorating and delivering wedding cakes. Most weddings are on the weekends and therefore the bakers deadlines also coincide with that timetable. A phone call to make an appointment to visit with the individual or bakery about your cake will be appreciated. Just walking in and expecting undivided attention might lead to disappoint if they simply do not have time to visit with you at that time.

2. Deposits
Be prepared to leave a substantial deposit to insure that the bakery or individual reserves the date for you.

3 . Taste is important
The taste, flavor and texture of the cake itself is the most important decision you will make when you order your cake. The outside beauty of your wedding cake will be important for your pictures and your personal statement. But, the inside of that cake is what you will be serving to your guests. You want a cake that is flavorful, moist and yummy to eat. . Ask friends or people who have attended recent weddings about how the wedding cake tasted. You might want to ask if samples of the cake flavors will be available for you to taste when you visit with a bakery or individual you are interviewing. › Continue reading

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Prince William chooses wedding cake made of cookies

Prince William and bride-to-be Kate Middleton’s wedding may be full of all the pomp and ceremony of a traditional British state occasion, but when it comes to their wedding cake they’ve taken their inspiration from the United States.

Sweet-toothed Prince William has personally requested a “groom’s cake” made of cookies and chocolate to be served alongside the couple’s official wedding cake. The groom’s cake is a wedding tradition associated with the southern United States.

Guests at the Buckingham Palace reception on April 29 will be able to choose between the “chocolate biscuit cake,” as it is commonly known in the UK, and a classic fruitcake.

The groom’s cake will be made by British cookie-makers McVitie’s, using a secret recipe given to them by royal insiders. What is known is that huge cake will contain 17 kilos of chocolate and some 1,700 of the company’s “Rich Tea” brand cookies — enough to feed all 600 guests.

“It’s going to be literally covered in chocolate decoration,” Paul Courtney, the cake head chef at Cavities said. “It’s going to be beautiful.” › Continue reading

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Vegan Wedding Cake for your wedding

Wedding cakes are not meant to be healthy, but when it is the wedding of a vegan it is. Vegan wedding cakes are a bit more expensive than traditional wedding cakes, but if made correctly they can still have the same indulgent taste without all of the dairy that is used in a traditional wedding cake.


When planning an eco-friendly wedding many desire a vegan wedding cake. Just because a cake is vegan doesn’t mean that it can’t be luscious, rich and flavorful. There are various reasons why someone may want a vegan wedding cake, the most obvious being that they are lactose intolerant. However, many vegan enthusiasts are not lactose intolerant but simply enjoy the taste of pure, fresh, and if possible all organic ingredients in their food. And wedding cakes are no exception.

All you have to do to achieve your dreams of a luxurious vegan wedding cake is ask. Chances are that your local baker, or bakery of choice will be able to accommodate your vegan needs. If you would feel more comfortable knowing that your specialty wedding cake is in the hands of a baker that specializes in vegan wedding cakes, you’re in luck, because there are a great number of specialty vegan bakeries all around the world. › Continue reading

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