Vegan Wedding Cake for your wedding

Wedding cakes are not meant to be healthy, but when it is the wedding of a vegan it is. Vegan wedding cakes are a bit more expensive than traditional wedding cakes, but if made correctly they can still have the same indulgent taste without all of the dairy that is used in a traditional wedding cake.


When planning an eco-friendly wedding many desire a vegan wedding cake. Just because a cake is vegan doesn’t mean that it can’t be luscious, rich and flavorful. There are various reasons why someone may want a vegan wedding cake, the most obvious being that they are lactose intolerant. However, many vegan enthusiasts are not lactose intolerant but simply enjoy the taste of pure, fresh, and if possible all organic ingredients in their food. And wedding cakes are no exception.

All you have to do to achieve your dreams of a luxurious vegan wedding cake is ask. Chances are that your local baker, or bakery of choice will be able to accommodate your vegan needs. If you would feel more comfortable knowing that your specialty wedding cake is in the hands of a baker that specializes in vegan wedding cakes, you’re in luck, because there are a great number of specialty vegan bakeries all around the world.

The average cost of a wedding cake is $4 -$7 per slice. The average cost of a vegan wedding cake is $8.50- $10.00 per slice. Of course the pricing of the cake also factors in the quality of ingredients used, and the level of intricacy required to reach the agreed upon design. Wedding cakes with intricate designs require much more hands on time than standard wedding cakes, so expect to pay top dollar for a unique wedding cake. A great tip for choosing a qualified baker to make your vegan wedding cake, ask to see photos of their previous vegan wedding cakes alongside photos of their traditional wedding cakes. If the quality of the vegan wedding cakes are on par with the quality of their traditional wedding cake, you have found yourself a winner.
Choosing the Bakery

Remember, there is no rule saying that you must order your cake from a bakery with a brick and mortar storefront. Lots of bakers that run their shop from home are perfectly competent, and will be glad to take on the task. Ordering from a baker that runs their shop from home will likely save you money as well. View their samples, and if their vegan wedding cakes are up to your standards, continue on to ask about their pricing.

If you are on a set budget for your wedding cake, then the bakery that is run from home usually will be the option that will save you money, while providing quality. However, do not simply choose your wedding cake based on pricing. Your wedding cake will be the single most memorable food at your wedding, and it is likely that your friends and family will be gawking away at your unique wedding cake. This is the part of your wedding you should indulge on.

Article by  JazminEspinal

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