Cheese Wedding Cakes Are Becoming More Popular

Weddings are changing. Many of them are less formal affairs than they used to be and retailers over the years have jumped eagerly on the concept of the ‘tailor-made’ wedding. Gothic-horror wedding cakes, Cinderella-themed weddings and even weddings at favourite fast food restaurants don’t even provoke the blink of an eye nowadays.

And recently, more and more couples have opted not for an achingly-sweet tiered wedding cake, but a savoury wedding cake made entirely out of cheese.

What Is A Cheese Wedding Cake?

A cheese wedding cake is made from a selection of cheeses arranged in a tower and decorated as a centrepiece for a wedding. The cheeses are usually stacked one of top of one another, starting with the widest at the bottom and the smallest on top, although some people prefer to present them on cake stands instead.

Cheeses can be chosen to incorporate the favourite varieties of the couple, or to refer to specific regions that are important to them. For example a cheese cake could include cheeses from where the couple met, went on holiday or where they were born.

The Types of Cheese Used in a Wedding Cheese Cake and Decoration

Regional cheeses such as Cornish Yarg, Stilton and Montgomery’s Cheddar can be incorporated into a cheese wedding cake, either for their flavours or to represent a region important to the couple. Goat’s cheese can also be used to separate the larger tiers of cheese or positioned on the smallest tier on the top of the cake.

Flavoured or spiced cheeses, such as those with chilli or studded with apricots are also an option. It is worth speaking to a supplier to check the range of varieties available and which are suitable for including in a wedding cake.

As for decoration, cheese wedding cakes can be decorated with fruit – for example grapes, clementines and raspberries – or with seasonal flowers and leaves. Biscuits, crackers, apples and sticks of celery can also be served alongside the cake. Traditional cake decorations can also be used, including ribbons, bows and even cake toppers.

Cheese Wedding Cakes Are Becoming More Popular

The reason many couples are choosing savoury over sweet for their wedding cake is mainly due to the change in how weddings are being conducted.

For many couples, there has been a shift from the traditional sit-down wedding breakfast to more informal parties, and are popular because they can be completely personalised. According to cheese supplier The Teddington Cheese Company, the cakes “offer a unique, personalised alternative to the traditional wedding cake”. They are perfect for couples who want to choose a more unusual style of wedding cake or those who simply prefer savoury tastes over sweet.

Many couples aim to make their wedding unique by choosing colour themes, decorations and a wedding menu specific to them. As the cake is often the centrepiece of a wedding feast, it is no less important to bear this in mind. The rise in popularity of the cheese wedding cake is due not only to the regional nature of cheese, and the differences in taste and texture but the appeal for many to have an unusual – and tasty – centerpiece to their big day.

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