Ideas for Decorating a Wedding Cake With Fresh Flowers

wedding cake

Wedding cakes are magnificently distinctive creations where typically no two are the same. Since they are created for each individual couple there are many options to use as jumping-off points to create a beautiful, edible piece of art. An attractive element to incorporate in cake decoration is the use of fresh flowers.

1.Cascading Down

One gorgeous option for using fresh flowers on a wedding cake is to have a bouquet or stem of flowers cascading down the side of the cake. On the stem, this idea works well for flowers with stems attached and flowers spaced out such as orchids and cherry blossoms. It also looks nice with flowers cut from the stem and grouped closely together, such as roses and gerbera daisies. The cascading effect looks good with a thick bunch, thin bunch or a bunch that starts thick on the bottom and ends up thin on the top. This idea also makes it easy to remove the flowers for cutting and eating.

2.Around Bottom

Arranging fresh flowers around the bottom of a wedding cake offers limitless possibilities. The flowers can be placed on the bottom of the cake, in a vase next to the cake, or on the table surrounding the cake. Tall vases or vases with tall flowers can be placed behind the cake, or short-stemmed or cut flowers can look good placed on the table surrounding the cake. Another distinctive idea is to have small clear fish bowls or vases with water in them and roses, water lilies or peonies floating in the water. This is an attractive option for decorating because it requires no removing or messing up the frosting when it is time to cut the cake.

3.Cake Topper

The topper is one of the most important parts of the wedding cake since it is often a focal point and is typically saved for the couple to have as a keepsake. This is also a beautiful place to use fresh flowers to decorate. One option is a small bouquet of big flowers cut short and placed on top. Unique and large flowers can also be used to make a statement, such as hydrangeas or bird of paradise.

4.Between Layers

For cakes that are assembled on different platforms and have gaps between the layers, using fresh flowers is a gorgeous option to fill those layers. This option works well because the cake is easily removed from the flowers for cutting while there are still fresh flowers throughout the entire cake.

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