Some Unusual Ideas for Cake Toppers


Cake Toppers are an important part of many celebrations and these are particularly seen in most weddings. Wedding planners believe that the best way to begin any reception for the wedding is by going for the best possible cake topper. Although there are a lot of couples who prefer the traditional toppers for their wedding cakes.

But with the passage of time, a lot of unusual and unique ideas are coming through. Now, more and more weddings, anniversary celebrations and even birthdays are including toppers that are brilliantly thought of and completely unique for the ceremony. The following lines provide information on different toppers and what can be chosen at what time.

The only thing that should be remembered here is that it all depends on the choice or style of the couple or individual for whom the celebrations are planned. Generally, the toppers are divided into two different types. The first ones are the serious type which can also be classified as the conventional toppers. These toppers send more of a social element as a message or what the bride/groom or people celebrating feel regarding the event. In these cake toppers, one is bound to see the traditional bride and groom figures with groom wearing the black tuxedo and the bride wearing the normal white dress.

Then there are the other type of cake toppers which are being used a lot recently – the toppers that send a funny and humorous message. Many feel that the wedding toppers should depict the style of the relationship that the bride and groom have and that is why most go for the comical ones. Apart from these, there are also military toppers which represent the battle mode for the figures of the couple (in the uniform). Moreover, many people even include medals in the figures for displaying the order of bravery and who would command in the house. Then there are the toppers which are set according to different themes and interests. For example, some couples choose toppers depicting natural scenery when wedding is in the open, dolphin pair for a beach wedding, castles or crystals when the wedding is in a historic setting.

Even after all these options, the funny and humorous ones are still quite popular. As aforementioned, just getting the Wedding Cake Topper according to their individual personalities can be the best joke for the ceremony. Whatever the choice may be, do ensure that cake toppers add a specific and unique charm to the whole occasion.

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