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Seasonal Wedding Cakes For Your Wedding

A lot of brides nowadays try to use the seasons in the theme of their wedding, and as bridal flowers are seasonal this theme can be taken through the rest of the wedding. The design of the wedding cake is a great way to really celebrate the season, to compliment the flowers and create a seasonal centre point.

Whether you choose to get married in the Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter, by choosing the right colour scheme, decoration and flavour of your wedding cake you can really celebrate the time of year in which you are getting married.

Spring Wedding Cakes1

Spring Wedding Cakes

Spring sings fresh clean colours and lots of soft pastel tones. Daisies, Lily of the Valley, blossom and paper whites are delightful little flowers which can be easily made in sugar and look gorgeous scattered over a tiered wedding cake or cupcakes. › Continue reading

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Choosing your Wedding Cake

wedding cake

One of the most important guests at your wedding is covered in sugar. No – not the face of your cousin’s son, your wedding cake!

A reception is not complete without a few layers of baked goodness. And while your first worry may be the taste, this is actually the easy part. Call your local cake shops and schedule a time to sample bites. You’ll be surprised how many options you’ll have, and by the number of combinations you’ll be able to pull off to keep all of your guests happy.

Once your taste buds are indulged in the flavors, it is now time to consider design. Whether your style is traditional, modern, or outside the box, all eyes will be on your wedding cake. Make sure it stands out in the crowd! › Continue reading

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Some Essential Ideas For Wedding Anniversary Cake


Every couple wants to celebrate their wedding anniversary in a very grand manner. For a grand anniversary an excellent cake is very essential. If you really want a highly delicious cake for this special day then it is very important for you to make all the arrangements in advance. There are various different wedding cakes and cake topper ideas available on the internet which you can use for your wedding cake. If you want you can give a cake order to your local bakery according to your own specifications and designs.

1. Deciding the flavor of the cake
Deciding the flavor of the cake is very important to get that perfect taste and aroma. There are various flavors like vanilla, chocolate, butterscotch and strawberry from which you can easily purchase the best flavor that you like. If you prefer then you can also mix two different flavors together to create a completely different cake. The cakes are also prepared in many tiers and different designs.

2. Decorating your cake
The decoration of the wedding cake mainly depends on the theme of your wedding party. If you have a spring theme then you can decorate the cake with colorful leaves and flowers but if you have an aquamarine theme then you can decorate the cake with dolphin, mermaid and fish designs. The icing and the decoration of the cake can really impress all your guests and friends. › Continue reading

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Extreme Wedding Cake Makeover Ideas

Are you tired of seeing the traditional three tier wedding cake with simple white frosting and the little bride and groom wedding cake topper. We all know the iconic wedding cake look and feel. If you are after a very formal or classic wedding then this is the exact cake you want. However, today many couples are opting for alternative wedding themes and a more relaxed feeling overall. With popular wedding themes like fairy tales, Dragonflies and other fun and light or even whimsical themes a traditional wedding cake no longer fits correctly in its place. It is nor time to take that old wedding cake out of the closet it and give it a whole new look. America seems to be in love with the idea of a makeover from the hit TV shows like Extreme Body Makeover, Extreme Home Makeover and the ever popular Pimp My Ride America seems to be in a love with makeovers. Well, wedding cakes are no different and today’s couples are going for more unusual, light and fun ideas for wedding cakes. So why not try some of these custom wedding cake ideas.

Creative and Custom Wedding Cake Toppers

There are a ton of different wedding cake toppers on the market today and you are no longer stuck with what your local bakery has. You can now easily shop online and find retailers selling a wide variety of wedding cake toppers. You can have anything from the traditional bride and groom to the whacky and wild. If you are willing to pay a little extra you can get a custom wedding cake topper sculpted out of special non toxic clay like material and created in the likeness of you and your husband. › Continue reading

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The Significance of the Wedding Cake


A wedding is never complete without a wedding cake. This is one of the highlights of a wedding reception. The bigger it is, the grander the wedding reception seems. But have you ever wondered where the tradition of wedding cakes came from?

Wedding Cakes in the Olden Times

Wedding cakes are said to have come from the great Roman Empire. Before cakes and icings were invented, wedding cakes were usually loaves of barley bread made especially for that occasion. The groom will eat a piece of the loaf and break the remaining loaf over the head of his bride. This signifies the groom’s breaking of the virginal condition of the bride and his subsequent power and control over her.

Medieval England’s version of a wedding cake is little sweet buns stacked high in front of the couple. The newlywed would then kiss over this huge pile. If done successfully, then it is said that the couple will have many children to come. › Continue reading

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How to Smooth Icing on Wedding Cakes

wedding cake

Just like anything else, we eat wedding cake with our eyes first. A beautiful, smooth cake icing is attractive and requires technique for a perfectly clean finish. What looks like hours of work is simple with some easy methods. Here are some tips to for a perfectly iced wedding cake.

1.Cool the cake completely and then use a serrated knife to even out the cake. Cut carefully and with a light touch. Transfer the cake to a rotating lazy susan. You can make the cake stick by spreading some frosting on the surface of the turn table. Brush off any excess crumbs with a basting or pastry brush.

2.Use a frosting spatula or an offset spatula to frost a first layer of icing. Start at the top leaving some icing to overlap to the edges. Now frost the sides of the cake. Refrigerate for 15 minutes. › Continue reading

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What Type of Icing Is on Wedding Cakes


The wedding cake is the standout showpiece of a wedding reception. Whether it is a grand cake with eight tiers or a simple, classic three-tiered cake, everyone looks forward to seeing how the cake is decorated. Brides have several options when it comes to the type of icing they want to use for their wedding cake. While some types of icing choices are more popular than others, they all have their advantages and drawbacks.

The smooth finish of fondant makes it a popular icing for wedding cakes. Fondant is made from sugar, hot water and corn syrup. Fondant comes in three forms: rolled, poured and sculpted. The thick, modeling clay consistency of rolled fondant makes it ideal for wedding cakes. Fondant is rolled out about pancake thin with a rolling pin and then draped over the cake. The cake should have a thin layer of a basic glaze or buttercream frosting to seal in crumbs before placing the fondant over it. Fondant is used for cakes that look like wedding presents or have flawless, rounded edges. Fondant has a gummy consistency that is not always appealing to some, however.

Buttercream is the traditional type of icing used to frost birthday cakes and other everyday type of cakes. › Continue reading

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Choose Cheese Wedding Cakes for your wedding

Cheese Wedding Cakes

Cheese wedding cakes are the latest trend for weddings and are getting more popular by the day, with cheese manufacturers across the country experiencing increased demand for these savoury delights. A few enlightened individuals first enjoyed a cheese wedding cake way back in 2004 and the trend really started to take hold in 2006 – now there over two dozen British companies creating cheese wedding cakes for couples up and down the country.

We explore why British cheese wedding cakes are proving such an attractive option, top ten tips on choosing your perfect cake and details of some of the stockists supplying them.

Why cheese wedding cakes?

Different: Cheese wedding cakes offer a delicious alternative to the traditional fruitcake and with over 700 named cheeses produced in Britain there is bound to be something for everyone. A lot of people don’t necessarily like fruitcake and a cheese wedding cake is the perfect solution for those looking for something a little different. › Continue reading

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Ways to Make Your Dream Wedding Cake

The cutting of the cake is a memorable moment for every bride and groom. Fortunately your dream wedding cake is just four steps away from reality.

Find your perfect wedding cake maker

Start your search for a wedding cake maker in your area by browsing through websites and magazines. Once you’ve narrowed your list down to no more than five, book appointments to see them. Ask to view other wedding cakes they’ve made in the past and always try their flavours to ensure they are to your liking.

Ideally you want to book your wedding cake maker six months out from your wedding date. This is because wedding cake making can be incredibly labour intensive and some cake makers will only take on a certain number of wedding cakes on any given weekend. › Continue reading

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Fun and Fabulous Wedding Cake Alternatives

Wedding Cake Alternatives

When it’s time for the cutting of the wedding cake, all the bride and groom really need is something to enjoy. There can still be a reception ceremony that involves “cutting,” “scooping” or just “biting into” regardless of the type of confection.
Traditional Wedding Cakes

Brides and grooms have been sharing breads, cakes and other sweet morsels with their guests since the dawn of marriage. But in days gone by, cakes were simple concoctions. Not so today. Modern wedding cakes can be huge in scope and style and have a price tag to match.

The average cost of a modern three-tiered-wedding cake is over $500, and that cost can climb significantly if the wedding couple desires unique customization. But the cost can be whittled and the fun factor enhanced when a wedding cake alternative is selected. › Continue reading

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