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Black and White Wedding Cakes to Choose for Your Wedding


Black and white wedding cakes have been found lately as very popular choices for those brides who tend to celebrate their wedding in bolder statements. This is why they choose to plan their wedding event in this combination of black and white to bring more spectacular tones to their special day stepping out of the traditional box of a white wedding.

If you take a look inside the online images of these specific cakes, you will find quite artistically designed desserts containing these colors. Some of them go for more white and some accents of black, the latter one being added in the chosen decorative style, while others come with a balanced combination of black and white.

The artistry of wedding cake decorators outrun your imagination most of the times, as there are literally tens of such black and white wedding cakes displayed merely online, not to mention  the ones that can be ordered with one of your local bakeries. › Continue reading

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Ideas of the Jewelry for Your Wedding Cakes


Wedding cake jewelry counts among the most recent ways of adding more sparkle on your special day. Weddings are generally seen as events that display a lot of glamour as they may include elements that imprint the day a unique decorative style that is meant to last in the couple’s memory for the rest of their married life. Not to mention that guests can be very impressed at the view of a glamorously decorated reception room that presents on top of all these the masterpiece of the evening: the wedding cake that includes pieces of jewelry as sparkling decorative elements.

Through the addition of wedding cake jewelry you can ensure your wedding huge dessert the touches of elegance and refinement that only through these decorations one can achieve these unique features. In the past and also in these days bakers use beads and flowers made of colorful icing and fondant imitating the aspect of gemstones and fresh flowers for a more authentic look. It seems that there is no limit regarding the types of decorative elements that can be introduced in the creation of a wedding cake. There are various forms of toppers, various designs of cakes, pieces that can be placed on each tier of the cake, monograms of the bride and groom placed on top of the cake, all of them being the creations of cake decorating artisans. › Continue reading

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Modern square wedding cakes to choose for your weddings


Every wedding needs a sweet ending. Your wedding cake is one of the parts of the reception which allows you to be the most creative. Showcase your contemporary flair with a streamlined square wedding cake.

A stacked tier wedding cake is fantastic for modern weddings. The general form still says “wedding cake”, while the geometric form sets it apart from more traditional confections. Square wedding cakes are often fairly minimalistic in design, allowing the shape of the cake to be clearly seen. Smooth fondant is a good match for these elegant and sleek cakes. The most simple square cake might be decorated with nothing more than a satin ribbon around the base of each tier. Top it with a single exquisite sugar flower such as a black and white anemone for the perfect finishing touch.

Modern square wedding cakes can be ideal for formal weddings with clean lines. For an evening wedding, a three tier cake covered in white fondant will look spectacular with a band of mirror backed crystals or rhinestones at the base of each tier. This is a fabulous cake for the bride who loves crystal bridal jewelry. Add a little more bridal jewelry to your wedding cake with a single initial crystal monogram cake topper. The result will be very sleek, but not at all plain. › Continue reading

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Variety of beach wedding cake ideas for your beach wedding


Beach weddings tend to be more relaxed and very fun events. The wedding cake provides an opportunity for the couple to express their wedding theme and their own personal style.There are a variety of beach wedding cake ideas available to suit every beach wedding.


Depending on where your beach wedding takes place, there are several cake themes you can use such as nautical, seashells, tropical fish, sand castles or tropical flowers.


Colors will often coordinate with your location and theme, but there are several color options that work well with a beach wedding. White, blue, green and beige reflect the colors of the sea, and fuchsia, turquoise and bright yellow provide a tropical feel or the maritime colors of navy, red and white can be used. › Continue reading

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Unusual wedding cakes to choose for your wedding


An unusual wedding cake can add interest and fun to any wedding. Cakes can serve as an expression of your thought process as well as a chance to bring a bit of personality and life to any wedding. Look for ideas that have rarely been done before to add imagination and life to the first day of your marriage.

Think about your interests and hobbies. Think about what you enjoy doing and where you enjoy doing it. Think about your partner’s likes and dislikes as well. If you like to swim think about items associated with swimming such as beaches, beach shoes, bikinis, beach towels and life guard houses. Have fun and use your imagination. This is your wedding day. Celebrate it.

Consider the kinds of cakes you can come up with. You could use a standard sheet cake, a cake with two tiers or a cake with many different layers. You can also create cakes from varied shapes. You need not use a square shape for a cake. You can have an oval shape, a round shape or even a three dimensional circle. › Continue reading

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Modern wedding cakes to choose for your wedding


Your reception is an important aspect of your nuptials, and the bride’s and groom’s cakes are often seen as the hallmark of the reception. Their design and dcor will really set the tone for your reception, and this tone can range from traditional to sophisticated to ultra-modern. While weddings themselves are a traditional ceremony that dates back for hundreds and hundreds of years, many of today’s brides and grooms are opting to add a modern flair to their nuptials, and this includes using modern wedding cake ideas to keep their festivities contemporary and updated.

Flowers are generally considered a traditional way to decorate your reception desserts, and so many couples are forgoing the flowers on their cakes in place of more modern wedding cake ideas. You can look through several bridal magazines today and find dozens of designs that feature gorgeous cakes sans flowers. These scrumptious reception delights may feature geometric shapes of all varieties and patterns, or they may be free of design altogether with uniquely shaped cakes void of design. › Continue reading

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How to Decorating Your Wedding Cakes


Ideas for decorating wedding cakes are plenty all over the online sites displaying reputed cake decorators and bakeries, but you would like to find ways to perform your own unique decoration for the sweet surprise of your wedding’s evening. Decorating your wedding cake could be quite an adventure for those who have never dealt with these sorts of things. Exploring the vast world of internet’s bakeries and cake decorators’ images it is quite impossible not to find useful guides and inspiring ideas into ways of decorating the wedding cakes.

Knowing some of the basic techniques will lead you to be aware of the fact that this operation is not after all such a difficult task. The best thing however is to first do it on a smaller sized cake and after that to try this on the real thing. You should be aware of the fact that at the same time there are many of the average skilled cake decorators who do not get involved in this sort of decorating as there are quite big and complex procedures to follow. But this goes for the large, luxurious, elaborate wedding cakes. › Continue reading

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How to Get Your Cheap Wedding Cakes


The expenses that you are supposed to make with a wedding planning can be very high, but there are ways to get wedding items with costs cuts without prejudicing the quality and the design of the specific item. The same can be said when looking to get your wedding cake cheap version. Wedding cakes come in various shapes, frosting, designs, and decorative styles, but if you are a fan for getting a wedding cake with three tiers for instance, you won’t find it at cheaper price tag. But you still need to have a big cake since the number of your guests reaches almost 100 and you definitely need to have at least one slice for each guest.

With the following tips you are given the chance to get the wedding cake cheap version without having to pay high bills:

* You can order for a three tier wedding cake with the simplest frosting they have available and then do the decorations on your own. You can have for instance an aunt or even your mom make the fondant flowers that match in color with those that decorate your table centerpieces or your bridal bouquet. If there is no one from your family who knows how to handle this, you can find various tutorials online to teach you how to do it. You can choose whichever type of flower you consider the most appropriate for the style of your wedding reception.

You can as well find other ways to have your three tier wedding cake cheap version beautifully decorated such as it is with fruits, or fondants imitating fruits or maple leaves for the fall themed season. In case nothing of these suit your wedding reception you could simply use some bulk chocolate that you can find in any confectionery store or at various stores that sell chocolate candies, coffee and other alike. This chocolate you will further grind and have it spread all over the white icing of your wedding cake. Then to add a touch of elegance you can have your initials placed as cake toppers, since this detail seems to be a big hit for the decoration of any wedding cake. › Continue reading

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