Unusual wedding cakes to choose for your wedding


An unusual wedding cake can add interest and fun to any wedding. Cakes can serve as an expression of your thought process as well as a chance to bring a bit of personality and life to any wedding. Look for ideas that have rarely been done before to add imagination and life to the first day of your marriage.

Think about your interests and hobbies. Think about what you enjoy doing and where you enjoy doing it. Think about your partner’s likes and dislikes as well. If you like to swim think about items associated with swimming such as beaches, beach shoes, bikinis, beach towels and life guard houses. Have fun and use your imagination. This is your wedding day. Celebrate it.

Consider the kinds of cakes you can come up with. You could use a standard sheet cake, a cake with two tiers or a cake with many different layers. You can also create cakes from varied shapes. You need not use a square shape for a cake. You can have an oval shape, a round shape or even a three dimensional circle.

Come up with a sketch. Start by using paper and pen to think about preliminary details that you want to use on the cake. If you are a gifted artist you can easily use pen and paper to draw the right cake. If you aren’t consider using a computer program such as photodraw. Computer programs can help you experiment with color and form. You should be able to create an interesting and unusual wedding cake on your own.

Work with a baker. A baker can help you come up with an unusual and interesting wedding day cake. Bring in the sketch if possible. A baker can also help you create your own sketch. They will work with you to create ideas that meet your standards. A baker can suggest unusual cake fillings as well as all kinds of cake toppings and varied shapes.

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