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3 Tips for Best Wedding Cake Money Saving


As beautiful an occasion as the wedding is for any happy couple, it’s necessary to have a structured budget for spending money on wedding plans. When it comes down to it, when you total all the costs, it can cost tens of thousands of dollars just to keep the ceremony going! On that note, how can a happy couple find a nice, attractive wedding cake without going broke in the process?

First of all, stay away from the more exotic ingredients that can drive costs of a wedding cake up. A fancy ice cream base cake with strawberries inside sound great, but cakes with fancy ingredients like this can really cost you a lot of money, especially if you order a tiered cake! Keep your ingredients normal such as decorative frosting, basic filling and fruit on the side to supplement.

Next, get some sheet cake in addition to a tiered cake to help serve the guests. Have a basic 2 or 3 level tier cake for photography on the wedding day, then get some delicious and simple sheet cake to feed everyone with. › Continue reading

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Disney Wedding Cake to Choose for Your Wedding


When you plan your wedding with a fairy tale theme attached to it, then maybe the Disney wedding cakes is a very inspiring idea for your wedding dessert. The characters that have inspired Disney’s animated movies are always great symbols for love, harmony, elegance and noblesse as well. The features that accompany the Disney’s world of animated fairy tales characters are related to delicacy, to purity, to the innocence, all of these lying at the foundation of who we are and are most obviously unfolded in the biggest important day of our life: the marriage day.

Looking to get inspired for the Disney wedding cake of your wedding reception, you just picture the most common characters that have filled your childhood days. Opening the websites with the images of these characters you are carried back to those beautiful days when innocence and the purity of thoughts led you to your own world of magic dreams where you are the princess in quest for her prince. › Continue reading

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Ideas to Make Your Wedding Cakes Look Like Vintage Wedding Cakes


The choice of a vintage themed wedding doesn’t have to be that hard of a task, but mostly enjoyable, considering  the theme. Vintage in this context would mean that you have to find a way to make your cake look like a real vintage wedding cake. Vintage style has become very popular in the latest years, and because the range of years to be comprised in the vintage style goes way before the 20the century as well, it makes for this style to be very generous in designs and ways of creating the vintage style of your wedding atmosphere.

If you look at the term ‘vintage’ from its technical perspective, it would mean that something that is 7 years old is already considered vintage. As to the antique style, this should go 100 years and more back to be considered as such. But nowadays, people have made this distinction seem a little blurry, therefore the term antique is more often taken as vintage and other way around. When it comes to the wedding vintage style, the choice for a vintage wedding cake should be in accordance with the choice of the years that your wedding is supposed to be displayed. › Continue reading

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Choose Fountain Wedding Cakes for Your Wedding


How does the  fountain wedding cake idea sound to you? It sounds intriguing of course, many of the brides would exclaim, therefore why shouldn’t you go for the fountain wedding cake for your special day?! The concept is quite new for the nowadays brides, but what you can do is to try imagining a cake that has a fountain in its design and decorative style and there you have it. But much simpler than this is to open your computer and search through the internet search engine image results and see the reality of this fountain wedding cake.

To have a better comprehension of the way this style of wedding cake is created, you should look closer to a portable fountain. Your cake should be as big as the space that you plan to have your wedding cake presented to your guests. For you to order for a fountain wedding cake you should know exactly how many guests you can count on. Once you have their exact number, it is up to the baker and cake decorator to bring beauty to the cake’s design inserting as well the flavor that you have opted for. › Continue reading

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Ideas to Choose Unique Wedding Cakes for You


You can always make a statement with the way you choose to have your wedding celebrated, as well as with the choice of a unique wedding cake.  The moment of introducing the wedding cake can also be chosen as uniquely as your imagination can build this specific moment.

The moment you have decided to go for a uniquely designed wedding cake you should consider various aspects. Taking into account the following aspects will in fact lead to the final format of your wedding cake thus making it as unique as your wedding event is planned to be.

* First of all consider the form of the wedding cake: should you go for a round one, a square one or a random one (such as it is for instance, an oval shape or the heart-shaped one, star shape or half moon shape). › Continue reading

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Cupcake Wedding Cake to Choose for Your Wedding


In the recent years, brides have come up with various ideas when it came to their wedding cake. Some have even considered the option of baking cupcake wedding cakes as an alternative to the sumptuous and multi-tiered wedding cake.

They have come up with this idea mostly because they needed to save some money, but also for their need to become more original in the presentation of their wedding dessert. This is how cupcakes have increased in popularity over the years with the fun statement they can make while being displayed in the unfolding of an intimate and casual type of wedding reception.

Cupcake wedding cakes have gained their popularity also because they come as a great remembrance of the childhood times when granny used to bake these cupcakes with fillings of our taste and allowed us to decorate them in our own style. › Continue reading

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How to Make Your Own Wedding Cake


If your wedding celebration is meant to be planned within your budget, then it would be a great idea to learn how to make wedding cake that will help you save some money and maybe have them for later when you will spend your honeymoon in a romantic location. In fact, choosing to bypass the caterers and simply opt for serving your own food would mean a great deal of savings for both of you.

Many wedding couples will not consider the options of serving their foods at the reception, let alone making their wedding cake which involves more knowledge into culinary art, but for a small intimate wedding like yours, planned on the budget it seems to be the best idea. And besides, you will not be all alone into organizing all these, there will be your family to support you as well as your beloved fiancé and his family who are ready to assist whenever they are asked to. › Continue reading

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