Choose Satellite Wedding Cakes for the Wedding

Satellite Wedding Cakes

The style and designs of wedding cakes developed over the centuries. The wedding cake is one of the oldest and well kept wedding tradition all over the world. The wedding cakes had different styles over the years, and now you can basically choose any style and design you want because the wedding cake industry developed so much that everything is possible. Initially and in Middle Ages the guests will bring a single layer cake as a gift for the bride and groom.

Each cake then will be placed on top of each other to create a towel cake and the traditions said that the bride and groom should kiss over the towel cake if they managed to kiss without breaking the cakes was a good luck sign. So that was how the multilayer wedding cake appeared. There are so many style you can choose for your wedding cake, you can choose two, three, four or how many layers you want depending on how many guests you will have and how your wedding will be. The layers can be placed on top of each other, or you can choose separated layer place them next to each other, around each other, or you can create a satellite shape.

Satellite wedding cakes is that style that place the cakes around each other like the planet are placed on an orbit. Satellite wedding cakes have many advantages, the style looks more sophisticate, will also take more space than a multilayer wedding cake. The cakes are placed on different platforms, creating the illusion of size, looking like there is a large quantity of cake. Satellite wedding cakes look sophisticate because of the different platforms and you can add more decorations than on a multilayer wedding cake. You can select sophisticate designs for your satellite wedding cake. For example you can connect the layers with stairs between the platform, you can add fountains, figurines, many more flowers and decorations than on a multilayer wedding cake. Many brides choose satellite wedding cake because it takes more space and they look more luxurious.

Satellite wedding cakes
can have different sizes, you can place the larger cake in the middle and place the smaller cakes around it. There are many style on how to arrange the cakes to create a beautiful effect, cascading tiered cake, on different high platform, around each other. Arrange the satellite cakes around the larger centerpiece, to increase the illusion of size, you can place different toppers on each cake. The satellite style gives you a lot of liberty in decorations. You can also choose different icing, flavors, filling for each cake as if you have many wedding cakes. Each cake can be personalized and placed around each other. So if you are having a grand reception choose a satellite wedding cake.

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