Choose Polka Dot Wedding Cakes for Your Wedding

Polka Dot Wedding Cakes

A very modern and extremely romantic wedding desert is the polka dot wedding cake design. Lots of brides and grooms seem to like this splendid style for a n elegant, funny and trendy wedding, as long the polka dot is able to bring joy, enthusiasm and a touch or simplicity, gracefulness and elegance.

There so many ways of combining two beautiful colors to create a splendid polka dot wedding cake that some brides might find themselves overwhelmed with so many unique choices. To avoid any confusing and stressful situation, consult with your florist – in case you are planning of having a flower polka dot wedding cake or with a specialized wedding cake designer to choose the most beautiful design for you and your wedding.

The polka dot can be used as the general theme for a wedding, to express better the lightness and the good mood of such a special day of our lives. The polka dot wedding cake theme is extremely unique and popular among trendy couples who desire to impress their families, friends and guests with something more attractive, creative and funky. You can create your own polka dot wedding cake design to express better your personality and tastes.

You can choose a more elegant and classy polka dot wedding cake design or one more whimsical and complex. Any traditional wedding cake can be easily and beautifully adorned with polka dot motifs made out from flowers – such as daises, buttons, dots, star or any other decorative element that can look good within such a gorgeous patter.

Therefore you can simply choose a traditional white and classic wedding cake and then go wild with your imagination and paint it in a polka dot patter. There are lots of unique color combinations to do that and if you choose to decorate your wedding desert in such a unique way, your simple wedding cake will look absolutely amazing and unusual. Using a polka dot theme on a wedding cake can bring out the best in any cake.

Choose to give your cake a very quirky and unpredictable twist by using a polka dot patter. This lovely theme can be used in the bridal dress or in the bridesmaid dresses as well, and every other décor item can incorporate beautifully the same motif.

Imagine how pretty and appealing a polka dot wedding dress and décor can look like, not to mention of how original and eatable a polka dot wedding cake actually looks! The most popular and used color for a polka dot wedding cake are red, pink, yellow, blue, green and black

Picture a polka dot wedding cake in any of these colors or combination of color. Imagine how delicate, stylish and elegant a black and white polka dot wedding cake would look like! For a more joyful and princess atmosphere a bride can choose the white and pink, or the white and yellow combination.

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