Choose Rose Wedding Cakes for Your Wedding

Rose Wedding Cakes

The purple, coral and orange are the colors that compete with the red of your Valentine roses, thus purple roses mean that the one who gives them has fallen in love with the person to receive them, and the coral and orange roses symbolize desire. Then the other meanings follow: yellow roses for joy and friendship, pink roses for gratitude and appreciation, and the white roses meaning reverence and humility.

It is an elegant flower and its characteristics make the rose fit to be used only on special occasions, such as a wedding ceremony. And if you don’t have enough money to fill the wedding hall with rose flower arrangements and option would be to use the rose as the main theme for your wedding cake.

There is a wide variety of rose themed wedding cakes available on the market but you can also make them yourself if you have the necessary time and inspiration; a better suggestion would be to order them online because there you may find cheap and unique rose wedding cake designs, patterns, of all colors and shapes.

The wedding cake could either be one-coloured, giving it a classic appearance ; the wedding etiquette demands that a wedding cake should give information about the wedding ceremony, You may as well write some poetry lines, favorite lyrics or quotes and even verses on the top or bottom of the wedding cake or on a separate sheet of paper included on the plates on which the cake is going to be served.

The rose wedding cake will make a great impression on your guests, especially if you are having a classic wedding ceremony, because it is the rose which inspires purity, romance, love, and beauty. All these combined under one ceremony, will make your wedding seem one of the most elegant, stylish and romantic events ever attended by your guests.

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