Choose French Wedding Cakes for the Wedding

French Wedding Cakes

France, the country that hosts so many romantic places filled with history and artistic life, especially Paris that is the European capital of artists – painters, sculptors, musicians, fashion designers, everything that is related to art finds its way on Montmartre, the famous hill on which the popular cabaret Moulin Rouge was built gathering famous singers and performers to appear in its shows. The 19th century and the beginning of the 20th have brought together artists that included Van Gogh,  Renoir, Degas, Utrillo, Toulouse-Lautrec, Picasso, Modigliani only to number a few of those who were inspired from the life of beautiful Paris.

To celebrate a romantic wedding, couples can choose Paris for their wedding location where with a help of a professional wedding planner they can get the best assistance in organizing their wedding. The attire is not that hard to find, considering that Paris is the capital of fashion as well and the planners are familiar to the places where you can find either the most exquisite wedding dress or one less expensive but having the same great effect as the one previously mentioned. The reception hall can differ according to every couple budget limits that can be either a French castle or a restaurant with traditional French food and drinks.

The French people are known to be “gourmand” therefore their wedding tradition involves lot of food starting with hors d’oeuvres with various spreads, and reaching the desert that comprises beside mousse au chocolat, crème brulee, and other styles, the French wedding cake. This is quite different than the rest of the other wedding cakes you have ever seen.  The French people call it “croquembouche” that means ‘cracks in your mouth’ and is composed of a cone of cream puffs that are filled with French pastry cream. These puffs are coated with carmelized sugar and have as decoration marzipan in the shape of roses which petals are made very artistically by hand. It is a minutely process for the bakers, but again they are known to pay every attention to each detail that is related to cuisine and its recipes.

The French wedding cake is a perfect desert for the last part of a wedding and the croquembouche as a cake is often served as desert for baptism, christening and other occasions that gather families to celebrate. The origin of this cake dates back to the medieval French royal court when the nobility used to throw rich parties where food and drinks were in abundance. Croquembouche doesn’t require decoration as it is already very picturesque in its conic shape and color which make it a great centerpiece for a wedding table. The French bakers can even customize the cake using white chocolate icing drizzled with vanilla instead of the traditional caramelized sugar coating.

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