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Choose Buttercream Wedding Cakes for Your Wedding

A buttercream wedding cake is perfect for any elegant, smooth, romantic, classy and sleek wedding that is why so many brides and grooms are choosing this unique and fine frosting for their wedding desert. The modern and popular rolled fondant frosting that so many contemporary wedding cake designers are still using into disfavor of the traditional buttercream are finally getting to their ending days.

The buttercream frosting is gaining more and more ground and followers among modern couples who are looking for a more delicious, charming, natural, chic and sweet wedding desert. Compared to the rolled fondant, the buttercream is more gentle, healthy, smooth, delicate, candied, sugared, suave, flattering, melodious, soft and tender.

Techniques of using the buttercream fosting on wedding cakes have been improved very much and the new buttercream flavor is even more appropriated and suitable for a trendy natural and simple but elegant wedding cake. › Continue reading

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Choose Kuwait Wedding Cakes for the Wedding

A very important aspect of the kuwait weddings are their extraordinary wedding cakes. Their traditions are also very interesting and specific to their culture, but their imagination is incredible in creating the most wonderful wedding cakes. The families from Kuwait consider the wedding a very important event in their life, which spends a lot of money.

In the past, the marriage was a means to strengthen their ties between families in the same social and financial level, with the same creed. The family used to choose the partner, except the bride or groom. When it was difficult to find a partner among relatives, was appointed a person to do this for the family. When one could find the right girl, the groom’s family was informed, and after they agree, the person inform and the bride’s family. After both families consent, is specifying a date for the meeting. › Continue reading

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Choose Celtic Wedding Cakes for Your Wedding

Every civilization existing in our world bears the prints of its ancestors; we can find these prints in a variety of forms displayed all over the places either in museums, in the vestiges that archeologists bring to the broad day light, or in the tradition that is probably the only way to gather prints of the past in both a material and spiritual shapes, besides art and culture that is. But whereas these last two do not have a direct material impact into the daily life of people, tradition has the power to present the history in many representations, such as symbols that are widely used in expressing a tradition.

These symbols can be seen all over the social manifestations of tradition, for instance weddings. One may think that wedding is purely a personal expression of a family event, that doesn’t have to relate to customs or traditions, but the moment you plan a wedding whether you realize or not, you are somehow connected to the elements that constitute the tradition of the place where you belong to. A perfect example in this matter is the Irish wedding which has a way of unfolding itself in a form that brings it close to the Celtic people, population that inhabited their territory and set the bases of the civilization that exists today on Irish land. › Continue reading

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