Choose Buttercream Wedding Cakes for Your Wedding

A buttercream wedding cake is perfect for any elegant, smooth, romantic, classy and sleek wedding that is why so many brides and grooms are choosing this unique and fine frosting for their wedding desert. The modern and popular rolled fondant frosting that so many contemporary wedding cake designers are still using into disfavor of the traditional buttercream are finally getting to their ending days.

The buttercream frosting is gaining more and more ground and followers among modern couples who are looking for a more delicious, charming, natural, chic and sweet wedding desert. Compared to the rolled fondant, the buttercream is more gentle, healthy, smooth, delicate, candied, sugared, suave, flattering, melodious, soft and tender.

Techniques of using the buttercream fosting on wedding cakes have been improved very much and the new buttercream flavor is even more appropriated and suitable for a trendy natural and simple but elegant wedding cake. Its smooth and enchanting texture has made the butter cream reach the top in America, managing to raise the interest of many brides and grooms who are looking for a more organic and natural wedding desert.

The buttercream wedding cakes are becoming more and more popular because of their unique and delicate finishing texture that allow wedding cake designers to create whatever intricate, complex, unusual and trendy detailed topper and decorative motifs. Many couples desire a buttercream wedding cake because they like the fluffy and light superior taste and because of the prices. A buttercream wedding cake is considerably more affordable than a rolled fondant wedding cake.

A buttercream wedding cake is less expensive than any other type of frosted wedding cake because of the simplicity and easiness of creating it. Wedding cake designers who create such splendid, light and delicious deserts aren’t consuming too much energy, time and stress that needs to be paid more. Buttercream iced wedding cakes are extremely popular and appreciated, especially those that incorporate a scroll, piped dots, lattice, swirled, banding, flowered or wording design. One can choose to have a fleur-de-lis buttercream wedding cake, a heart-shaped or any trendy geometrical buttercream wedding cake, a basketweave or a polka dot buttercream wedding cake design.

Flowered buttercream wedding cakes are pretty common among couples who are planning on a romantic, intimate or elegant wedding. You can use roses, calla lilies, daises, orchids, hydrangeas or any other matching type of flower. Among the most popular and wanted flavors for buttercream wedding cakes are: the classic and modern chocolate, the fresh lemon, the cool mint, the exotic hazelnut, the almond, the cool mint or the trendy and unusual cream cheese. Buttercream wedding cakes are usually created in any kind of color just so you can choose the most suitable and assorted one to your wedding theme.