Choose Kuwait Wedding Cakes for the Wedding

A very important aspect of the kuwait weddings are their extraordinary wedding cakes. Their traditions are also very interesting and specific to their culture, but their imagination is incredible in creating the most wonderful wedding cakes. The families from Kuwait consider the wedding a very important event in their life, which spends a lot of money.

In the past, the marriage was a means to strengthen their ties between families in the same social and financial level, with the same creed. The family used to choose the partner, except the bride or groom. When it was difficult to find a partner among relatives, was appointed a person to do this for the family. When one could find the right girl, the groom’s family was informed, and after they agree, the person inform and the bride’s family. After both families consent, is specifying a date for the meeting.

During the engagement, his fiancee was not let to leave the house and was not allowed to meet anyone. The groom’s father gave to his son some money to buy a wedding gift, called “Daza”. Daza consists of four precious robes, two sets of clothes, towels, blankets and beds. A group of women who are in charge of organizing the party will bear these gifts to the fiancée’s in house the night of Monday or Tuesday. Under the flashlight, the group sings the whole way from the faince home to the fiancee. If the girl’s father accepts the gift, it means that he blessed the marriage. He will prepare for the bride’s trousseau. On the night of the wedding, the groom’s go through from his house to the bride’s house, accompanied by her father, uncles, relatives and neighbors. When they arrive at her house “singers” get it.

Sometimes in the bride’s family home is held in a party called “Jalwa”, the bride wears green robes and sits in a special place. A green silk scarf around her will be thrown. Several women in the family and the musicians keep the edge scarves, rising and descending to them, in accordance with the rhythms of a traditional song. Then, the bride is brought sitting in a chair in the room where the groom is waiting.

The first week of the newly-married is held at the girl’s home. After this week, the couple moves into the groom’s family home, with the help of the family and neighbors. The mother of the bride is not allowed to go along with his daughter. The changes in the social life in Kuwait is reflected in how they are chosen life partners. The elationships between men and women became somewhat more flexible, meeting the young girls today at the family social events, at college, work, clubs or other places.

Therefore, a Kuwait girl can betrothed to a man outside the family, a Kuwait man who study outside can marry a foreigner. Moreover, the level of higher education and the job offers have led to increased the average age of marriage to 23 to 24 years. But when choosing their wedding cake, a couple has a lot of possibilities in Kuwait beacause here the kuwait wedding cakes are a real work of art!

After choosing a partner, there must be the family consent. Then there are the formal traditions, which are a combination of old and new. As in the past, the boy asked to marry a young girl asking her father or another family man her hand. Later,they discuss financial issues such as dowry. Once everything is set, is throwing a party engagement in the girl’s house to celebrate.