Choose the Purple Wedding Cakes for Your Wedding

Anyone who has ever planned or helped to plan a wedding knows that all details are very important, which makes it such an overwhelming task. And as such the wedding cake is one of the important details. But one thing will make planning easier and reduce the number of decisions to be made. Choose a theme for your wedding early on. Choosing a purple theme for your wedding will narrow down your choice of flowers for the bridal bouquet, for the flower arrangements, for decorations for the reception venue and also for the cake. Purple was thought to symbolize royalty in ancient times. Nowadays purple is thought to help stimulate the imagination, is helpful for meditation and also symbolizes magic. If one believes in color symbolism, it makes purple a very good choice for a wedding theme.

Of course that not all the decisions can be narrowed down by the choice of theme or of color theme. One such decision is the cake’s shape. You can have a variety of conventional shapes, square, round, heart, multi-layered or one layer or you can go for more eccentric shapes like hat, gift box, wedding rings and basically most anything that comes to mind. If you’re having a traditional wedding you might want to go for more classical, elegant shapes.

You will then have to choose the embellishments. A wedding cake is not complete without decorations. The most common ones are flowers. A purple cake could very well be adorned with white flowers, or flowers in colors close to purple like different shades of purple, blue or violet. If flowers seem a bit cheesy for your taste other types of embellishments can be made.

You will then have to choose the flavor. Chocolate would probably not be the best choice for a purple cake, but you might go for fruity or vanilla.

Even when you have established all these things you will still have a wide variety of choices, but rather than view this as tiring or overwhelming you can view it as having the opportunity of choosing the perfect cake for you.

Whatever you choose make sure you there is enough time. This, as many things about the wedding cannot be rushed. Choose in advance and get your order in, in good time. So essentially good timing is the best way to plan a good wedding. And remember that no matter how well you plan a wedding there is simply no way to predict everything so prepare yourself to accept slight imperfections and not let them ruin one of the happiest days in your life.