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Choose the Strawberry wedding cakes for Your Wedding

The wedding cake is a very important part of the event so give special attention to every detail from decorations to flavors. You can use what decorations and colors you like as long as you use them in a tasteful and elegant way. You can try new ideas, flavors or decorations. But if you like classic style go with it. But remember: try to personalize everything. This way it will be more interesting and unique.

For example if you like fruits you can always use them at your wedding cake. They are special and look fantastic. The most popular fruits at a wedding cake are definitely strawberries. They are very popular because they symbolize love, romance and passion. Their magnificent color is great for decorating the cake and the sweet flavor is really tasteful.

Strawberries can be used as a flavor, as a decoration or as a cake topper. Here are some strawberry wedding cakes that you will surely appreciate.

Strawberry flavors and fillings
Strawberries are the fruits of summer but you can always find them in every season. They have a special and sweet flavor that everyone loves. A strawberry cake is fantastic so you can choose a strawberry cream cake or a strawberry filling. › Continue reading

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Ideas for You to Choose the Victorian Wedding Cakes

Today’s fashion in matters of weddings and wedding cake themes seems to incline the balance more and more towards those century, period or vintage wedding cakes. Many modern brides and grooms seem to fancy a 18th or a 19th century as a beautiful, romantic, grandiose and enchanting theme for the their wedding day.

One of the most desired and popular theme for the wedding is the Victorian theme. There are lots of unique and gorgeous ways to decorate a wedding with all kinds of epochal items just to create a more romantic a charming atmosphere. When it comes to the wedding cake, things aren’t too different either.

Couples can choose all kinds of sizes – in general those big and tall towered wedding cake make the best look for a Victorian theme, designs, shapes, decorative elements and toppers that can better evoke a Queen Victoria-inspired wedding cake style. › Continue reading

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Choose the Mustang Wedding Cakes for Your Wedding

Wedding is the event attended by family, friends, anyone close to ourselves. But the wedding is at the point where each of those mentioned above come together to celebrate the day! For this, the wedding party must occupy the most important place in our planning. Then you have to plan things in a smart and practical way. How do I start? First set roughly the budget. Then decide together with your partner the wedding theme.

After having established what will be the line and the wedding theme we  get to share. We know just what kind of wedding we want. What should keep in mind after that?  The wedding cake is a very important aspect of this day so be careful at the shape that you choose. To be original you can opt for a mustang wedding cake if you have a madness about this type of cars.

Laser printed wedding invitations are the latest fashion. Models and drawings are made directly on paper, creating a paper lace. For color, is recommended dark purple with gold calligraphy, black and deep pink, coral or navy blue with white. A trend is to be more personal. › Continue reading

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