Choose the Mustang Wedding Cakes for Your Wedding

Wedding is the event attended by family, friends, anyone close to ourselves. But the wedding is at the point where each of those mentioned above come together to celebrate the day! For this, the wedding party must occupy the most important place in our planning. Then you have to plan things in a smart and practical way. How do I start? First set roughly the budget. Then decide together with your partner the wedding theme.

After having established what will be the line and the wedding theme we  get to share. We know just what kind of wedding we want. What should keep in mind after that?  The wedding cake is a very important aspect of this day so be careful at the shape that you choose. To be original you can opt for a mustang wedding cake if you have a madness about this type of cars.

Laser printed wedding invitations are the latest fashion. Models and drawings are made directly on paper, creating a paper lace. For color, is recommended dark purple with gold calligraphy, black and deep pink, coral or navy blue with white. A trend is to be more personal. Write the invitation as if you write a letter. Write a heartfelt! Brides today have many things to consider. We will present the latest styles in flowers, food, decor and more. Meals will be filled with booze, martini and champagne. Tablecloths, napkins and special cutlery. All will be based on details and subtlety. With the setting you can have fun.

The wedding party: Choose a sexy location, but no shades of white. The room should contain different colors from those of the wedding. If the wedding is pink, make this room decor in the color of cognac, and if you have a modern wedding that you can do in the disco theme. If you like cars a lot and want to impress everyone choose a mustang wedding cake.

For spring – summer, using magnolia, cherry branches, seasonal fruit, natural shades of green, cream, pink, etc.. You can create a canopy of cherry blossoms above the dance floor. It certainly looks great. Trees are also new in halls everywhere. Adorn your walls with delicate hedges or trellises. Green flowers are in trend. Call the seasonal flowers. When it comes to vases, be it by the glass or silver, put more than one on the table. Candlesticks, the light of the candles and floral arrangements at different levels, looks absolutely wonderful. Orchids and seashells adorn the branches, giving a tropical appearance. Nature: flowers of all shapes and textures add something special. Ferns and herbs have their place on the table. What is no longer used: forget the flowers submerged in water. Leave the flowers to breathe.