Choose the Strawberry wedding cakes for Your Wedding

The wedding cake is a very important part of the event so give special attention to every detail from decorations to flavors. You can use what decorations and colors you like as long as you use them in a tasteful and elegant way. You can try new ideas, flavors or decorations. But if you like classic style go with it. But remember: try to personalize everything. This way it will be more interesting and unique.

For example if you like fruits you can always use them at your wedding cake. They are special and look fantastic. The most popular fruits at a wedding cake are definitely strawberries. They are very popular because they symbolize love, romance and passion. Their magnificent color is great for decorating the cake and the sweet flavor is really tasteful.

Strawberries can be used as a flavor, as a decoration or as a cake topper. Here are some strawberry wedding cakes that you will surely appreciate.

Strawberry flavors and fillings
Strawberries are the fruits of summer but you can always find them in every season. They have a special and sweet flavor that everyone loves. A strawberry cake is fantastic so you can choose a strawberry cream cake or a strawberry filling.

If you choose a strawberry cream cake as a decoration you can use also strawberries because it is a great combination. As a filling, strawberries are also a popular idea and couples try either buttercream or chocolate cakes with strawberry filling. The mixture is unique and you can definitely try it. There are also other options for you: vanilla cream or other fruit creams that taste good with strawberries.

Decorating your wedding cake with strawberries
If you decorate your wedding cake with strawberries it will totally look divine. A summer wedding cake or a Valentine’s Day cake are just perfect for strawberry decorations so try it! You can decorate cream cakes and chocolate cakes because in combination with the strawberries they look magical. If you decorate the cake with strawberries you can use the whole fruit or try to decorate it just with slices. Either way it will look super!

Strawberry cake toppers
Strawberries as a cake topper are a wonderful idea. It gives a romantic allure to your cake and you can try it. Use a “bouquet” of strawberries because they look better than just one.

Tips for strawberry wedding cakes
You can use real, fresh strawberries because they look better and the taste is awesome. Also you can try handcrafted strawberries because they are totally unique. A special idea is to use frosting strawberries. No that it really splendid and it is very refreshing!

Ideas for strawberry wedding cakes
-  A three tier cheesecake decorated with a lot of strawberries on every tier is something worth trying. The taste is delightful and it looks charming!

- For a Valentine’s Day strawberries are a marvelous idea. Try a two tier chocolate wedding cake decorated with strawberries. It is romantic and it is just perfect for Valentine’s.
- Try a white buttercream cake with three tiers. Decorate it with slices of strawberries. The cake it a great idea for you!

If you decide to try a strawberry wedding cake these were just a few ideas you can select from. Use strawberries as a flavor, filling or use them to decorate the cake. You will have a special cake!