Ideas for You to Choose the Victorian Wedding Cakes

Today’s fashion in matters of weddings and wedding cake themes seems to incline the balance more and more towards those century, period or vintage wedding cakes. Many modern brides and grooms seem to fancy a 18th or a 19th century as a beautiful, romantic, grandiose and enchanting theme for the their wedding day.

One of the most desired and popular theme for the wedding is the Victorian theme. There are lots of unique and gorgeous ways to decorate a wedding with all kinds of epochal items just to create a more romantic a charming atmosphere. When it comes to the wedding cake, things aren’t too different either.

Couples can choose all kinds of sizes – in general those big and tall towered wedding cake make the best look for a Victorian theme, designs, shapes, decorative elements and toppers that can better evoke a Queen Victoria-inspired wedding cake style. She was the first who introduced the white wedding term and ever since then brides and grooms started to consider the white dresses and cakes as the most elegant, beautiful, graceful and adorable color suitable for a symbolic wedding day.

But these days, couples can play with any color they want to transform any white plain simple wedding cake into a real piece of art. It’s all about the decoration and the topper. When we think of Victorian wedding cakes we actually picture a lavish, sophisticated and yet simple, dainty, stylish and grandiose tall wedding cake creature. In general, this image is not far from the real truth because Victorian wedding cake designs are meant to symbolize the grandeur beauty, the simplicity of style, elegance and glamour, the power and the visual art domination. No one has to plan a high-class or a royal wedding to bring a romantic, stylish and chic Victorian wedding cake.

The main feature of a Victorian wedding cake remains, after all, the delicate elegance and the simple refinement that can be expressed using unique and specific patterns of elegant fruits, flowers, pearls and beadings, mini castles, embroideries with lace, crystal, diamonds, sequins, rhinestones or other matching period jewelries.

Any simple and yet creative Victorian wedding cake can add more grace, individuality, glamour, extravagance, grandeur and nobility to your wedding. Victorian wedding cakes can be served within a romantic botanical garden wedding set, within a medieval castle, cathedral or restaurant as well.

The idea is to adorn your wedding just to evoke as best as possible the fairy-tale air, the loose mood, the sophisticated and yet modest atmosphere and the ball-court sensation. For a classy wedding, go with a white Victorian wedding cake of three or five tiers, beautifully ornate with butter-cream intricate beading patterns, topped with a sensual bouquet of white or red roses. Use real lace or floral lace to wrap each tier of the cake, sugar paste pearls and flowers, satin ribbons, silver edible balls and anything else that can be inspired for the wedding cake’s decoration.