Choose the Nerd Wedding Cakes for Your Wedding

The modern style for a wedding can be reached by using the following colors: orange and green. In this type of arrangement you can mix of stark contrasts such as using a pale color with a bright color, a very good idea would be to use some square tables and other round-shaped.

For the floral arrangement is a simple recipe, use the two colors in a strong contrast and specific, an example would be to put orchids in a green pot, the orange hue of the orchids will form a strong contrast with the green bowl that you will use. At this chapter the possibilities are endless, the limit is only your imagination. Of course that your wedding cake must be part of your personality and you should think very well at the choice that you will do about it.

If your high school classmates laughed of one of you because you were the type who learned very much while being passionate about certain subjects, like maths or computer science, then you can choose to have a nerd wedding cake on your wedding day to show everyone that their words didn’t affected you. So you will be able to make fun, because surely they will not expect you to have such a wedding cake. A special design for a nerd wedding cake can be made by this bakery.

For a vintage style for a wedding use the following colors: purple and yellow. This style is one of the most exquisite arrangement styles that you can choose, and that because the arrangement is very picky. A tip to consider if you want: Use white tablecloths contrasting with yellow tablecloths. Once you have chosen the tablecloths you can add a touch of originality by using pillows for chairs from antique shops.

For the floral arrangement at this style of wedding things tend to be more simple. You can use flowers of different colors not only purple and yellow or white and yellow only, you can use orange and even pink. The flowers can be small and medium-sized, they can sit on the table in their pot and the best part is that guests can take the flowers home with them. You can use as inspiration pictures and various images with this theme to add some details that will make your arrangement perfect.