Ideas of the Wedding Cake Supplies for Your Wedding

Before even thinking about wedding cake supplies, you need to have in mind an exact number of guests that will be serving cake. That’s because the number of tiers and the flavors you decide to use are influenced by that number. You will then be able to start purchasing wedding cake supplies from the following categories.

You should start by getting the structural elements necessary. Without structural elements you won’t be able to build tiers and you won’t be able to control the size and the shape of your cake. So, you should get card boards for decorating each tier and platters on which you will transfer each cake after you finish decorating it. These platters can be made of glass or plastic. If you are planning a pretty high cake, you should consider using only plastic platters because they will add less weight to the resulting wedding cake. In addition, you will have to choose between buying wooden dowels and matching platters and columns depending on the type of cake you want to create: a stacked wedding cake or a floating tiers cake. The latter option tends to look more stylish but it’s more complicated to create because it involves using matching platters and columns.

Once you finish making decisions regarding the shape and size of the cake and the manner in which it will be assembled, you can start purchasing the ingredients necessary. For a delicious result, you need to purchase fresh cake ingredients, fillings and frostings. The nature of all these wedding cake ingredients depends on the type of cake you are trying to make. What you need to do no matter what cake flavor you decide to choose is bake the cake in advance and keep it in the refrigerator for  a few hours before assembling it.

You will also have to buy a few cake pans in the shape and size necessary because otherwise you won’t be able to bake the perfect cake. You should consider looking for pans that come with cake baking strips designed to prevent cake doming. Also important is to use parchment paper, butter and even cake flower or cocoa powder in order to make sure the cake doesn’t stick to the baking pan.

Don’t forget about the cake supplies that you will need for decorating the end result. A cake leveler, some decorator tips, a piping bag and icing spatulas are all tools included on the must-have list. If you also want to create some special decorations, you might have to also buy candy molds. Also necessary is the traditional cake topper that should be bought along with the other structural elements because you need to make sure it matches the other decorations that you decide to use.

Because transportation is as important as the actual wedding cake supplies, I also advise you to think about this aspect in advance. If you are baking the cake at home getting it to the reception venue can be tricky, especially if a hot summer day is involved, so make sure the right ride is available.