You will notice something different about our site.....
We post our Prices!!!

We are fully licensed and are ServSafe certified
with a full commercial kitchen dedicated solely to cakes!

When you visit with us, you will find us
NOT located in a strip mall or in a
commercial building on a busy street.

When you enter our own
version of a wedding wonderland you will
see a large array of display cakes along with the
largest selection you will find of
cake toppers (over 200 in stock!),
guest books, toasting glasses, garters,
unity candles and stands, as well as gift sets!
As with the majority of
custom specialty cake boutiques,
we are located in a separate area attached
to our home.

We do cakes and ONLY cakes,
so we are not preoccupied with making donuts, bread or pies
while making your special cake.

We do not buy pre-baked frozen cakes as some
bakeries do, so you are not limited to only what is
offered by food distributors.
This is why the only options you are given by some
bake shops are yellow, white, chocolate or marble cake
in either round or rectangle shapes.
We bake all of our cakes to order,
allowing you to have each tier in a different flavor
and in a variety of shapes.
Each fantasy creation is then frosted in
our freshly made creamy buttercream,
not premade frosting that tastes
like the plastic container it was shipped in.
We also do not use fondant, so you will not be forced
to have your cake covered in this hard and chewy covering
that your guests will peel off your cake and push aside.

We do not take unlimited orders and then
mass-produce your cake.
We limit the amount of weddings we accept so we may
cater to every detail concerning YOUR wedding cake.

We look forward to meeting with you to design
the wedding cake of your dreams.

One last note:
When planning your reception, it's not the
aisle runner, the favors, the invitations or even the
bridesmaids dresses and bouquets
that your guests will remember.
They will remember whether or not they
had a good time and that they
had a wonderful meal.
The last impression of that meal is the slice of
wedding cake that should knock their socks off.

If you choose your cake from a
grocery store, wholesale club
or a "cheap" bakery thinking thats ok,
it's only cake,
that's EXACTLY the last thought your
guests will leave your wedding with,
you fed them cheap inferior food.
There is nothing worse than finishing your meal
with a bite of dry blah cake with a
fake frosting lard/chemical taste that won't go away.

2018 - Celebrating our 28th year in business.
We carry Worcester County's Largest selection of cake top ornaments &
figurines, unity candles, card containers and wedding accessories.

Figurines can be customized by matching hair color,
wedding colors, shimmer the bridal gown and
even add a moustache or beard to the groom.

Accessories we aways have in stock include:
Cake Tops
Toasting Glasses
Cakes Server Sets
Photo Guestbooks
Pens & Plume Pens
Keepsake Albums
Keepsake Garters
Toss Garters
Ring Pillows & Boxes
Flowergirl Baskets
Unity Candles
Unity Stands
Assigned Seating Cards
Thank You Cards
Table Numbers
Card Containers
Photo Albums
Courtesy Baskets
Bridal Purses
Gratuity Envelopes
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