all important slice you share together.

Now the big question...
Buttercream or Fondant?

We are asked a few times a years "Do you do fondant covered cakes?"
The Answer: Can we, Yes..... will we, No.

We will use fondant as a trim item for polka dots, zebra stripes, raised items
such as cherubs or baskets, but we do not cover cakes in fondant.
We can get our buttercream to resemble fondant without all the drawbacks
associated with fondant which is a large piece of sugar paste
rolled out & draped over a cake (similar to a pie crust).

The taste & texture of fondant is hard & chewy
and if a wedding cake is done with this,
a hall will either strip the fondant off the cake before serving
or leave it to the guests to peel it off their cake.
Think of it this way, as you watch your favorite cake show on tv
and see them cover & decorate a cake with fondant,
then they pick it up by the sides and put it in place.
Do you really want to eat something that resembles
a clay or playdough type material?
Now picture doing that to a buttercream frosted cake,
it's smooth & creamy & yummy!
Buttercream is a much harder medium to work well with
to produce a beautiful creation that must be handled with care.

When you go to a bakery or a wedding show
and try cake samples, keep in mind although
they may have fondant cakes on display to catch
your attention, they will
never hand you
a sample covered in fondant.
The reason is most people do not like either
the taste or the chewy texture of fondant.

If you really have your heart set on a fondant covered cake,
tell the bakery you would like your cake samples made
with a disc cut-out of fondant on top for you to try.

Below are some examples of smoothly frosted buttercream cakes.