Some Unusual Ideas for Cake Toppers


Cake Toppers are an important part of many celebrations and these are particularly seen in most weddings. Wedding planners believe that the best way to begin any reception for the wedding is by going for the best possible cake topper. Although there are a lot of couples who prefer the traditional toppers for their wedding cakes.

But with the passage of time, a lot of unusual and unique ideas are coming through. Now, more and more weddings, anniversary celebrations and even birthdays are including toppers that are brilliantly thought of and completely unique for the ceremony. The following lines provide information on different toppers and what can be chosen at what time.

The only thing that should be remembered here is that it all depends on the choice or style of the couple or individual for whom the celebrations are planned. Generally, the toppers are divided into two different types. › Continue reading

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For the Love of Cake

For Kristen Repa, making a cake isn’t just an occupation. It’s an art form.

“I got into this industry because I love my craft,” said Repa, owner of Dessert Works in Westwood. “I love making cakes. It’s rewarding, it’s challenging. There’s so much to it.”

Dessert Works, located in Lambert’s Plaza on Providence Highway, has actually been in business for nearly 10 years (the anniversary comes this June), but only since February has the bakery been located in Westwood.

“We’re known here for our specialty cakes,” Repa said. “It’s a very broad statement, but basically, our philosophy is, sure, we’ll start our customer relationship off with a wedding cake, but then hopefully we’ll be creating your baby shower cake, an anniversary cake, the first birthday, and on and on.”

Originally opening in Medfield in 2001, Repa bought the business from its previous owner. › Continue reading

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Cake toppers for inter-racial weddings

Now that I’ve tried to find a source of inter-racial cake toppers on the Web, I understand much better why so many couples opt for fresh flowers, fancy icing, or big glass hearts rather than the old- fashioned “couple” topper. Cake-topper couples seem to come from the Barbie and Ken universe circa 1972, when the lone African- American doll had to be provided with an equally ebony-skinned Ken-equivalent or she wouldn’t be allowed to date. Asians and Hispanics are completely absent.

I did succeed in finding some Web sources of inter-racial couples. The going rate for a customized cake topper seems to be around $80, which is more than I’d pay for one, but not the highest price I’ve seen for frothy bits of glass and lace with no people. If you have children, the topper has decent potential as a family heirloom, since you can’t exactly buy one in every wedding boutique.

A quick search on Google for “inter-racial cake toppers” yields good results. Plaide Palette paints the topper to look like the couple, but the groom seems to be limited to a tux or suit, and the people all have Caucasian facial features.

If you’re not happy with the selection or cost for ordinary customized cake-toppers, you can make your own without a great deal of craft skill. The base is simply a circle of thin wood, available at any large craft store, painted white or covered with white fabric. You can trim it with lace if you like. For greater stability, you can glue short dowels to the bottom so that the dowels sink into the cake when you put the topper on. Glue pre-gathered lace around the edge if you like the lacy look; a bit of narrow ribbon covers the inner edge of the lace. › Continue reading

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