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Mini Wedding Cakes

In case you haven’t thought about having a mini wedding cake on your big night party, you might consider to read a few interesting things about them. Experts say that mini wedding cakes are even sweeter, gorgeous and good-looking than a big ordinary wedding cake. There are lots of modern bakeries and designers that create such splendid mini wedding cakes for couples that adore the aspect, the impression and the multi-colored designs of these wedding desserts.

The mini wedding cakes are symbols of modernity in wedding cake industry, and they are perfect for couples who want to spoil their guests and make them personalized wedding deserts. These tiny cakes can be elegant, funny or simple, depending on what wedding theme you have elected to represent you bet. You can think of any shape, color, flavor, theme you want for these mini wedding cakes to have, all you have to do is go to the most talented bakeries you know and ask them to create the models you want for you.

But there are no rules when it comes to this point, because most couples decide to buy boxes for each mini wedding cake to create a more elegant impression of the aspect of the cake, and to surprise the guests. › Continue reading

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Ideas of the Wedding Cake Supplies for Your Wedding

Before even thinking about wedding cake supplies, you need to have in mind an exact number of guests that will be serving cake. That’s because the number of tiers and the flavors you decide to use are influenced by that number. You will then be able to start purchasing wedding cake supplies from the following categories.

You should start by getting the structural elements necessary. Without structural elements you won’t be able to build tiers and you won’t be able to control the size and the shape of your cake. So, you should get card boards for decorating each tier and platters on which you will transfer each cake after you finish decorating it. These platters can be made of glass or plastic. If you are planning a pretty high cake, you should consider using only plastic platters because they will add less weight to the resulting wedding cake. In addition, you will have to choose between buying wooden dowels and matching platters and columns depending on the type of cake you want to create: a stacked wedding cake or a floating tiers cake. The latter option tends to look more stylish but it’s more complicated to create because it involves using matching platters and columns. › Continue reading

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Choose the Nerd Wedding Cakes for Your Wedding

The modern style for a wedding can be reached by using the following colors: orange and green. In this type of arrangement you can mix of stark contrasts such as using a pale color with a bright color, a very good idea would be to use some square tables and other round-shaped.

For the floral arrangement is a simple recipe, use the two colors in a strong contrast and specific, an example would be to put orchids in a green pot, the orange hue of the orchids will form a strong contrast with the green bowl that you will use. At this chapter the possibilities are endless, the limit is only your imagination. Of course that your wedding cake must be part of your personality and you should think very well at the choice that you will do about it.

If your high school classmates laughed of one of you because you were the type who learned very much while being passionate about certain subjects, like maths or computer science, then you can choose to have a nerd wedding cake on your wedding day to show everyone that their words didn’t affected you. So you will be able to make fun, because surely they will not expect you to have such a wedding cake. A special design for a nerd wedding cake can be made by this bakery. › Continue reading

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Choose the Strawberry wedding cakes for Your Wedding

The wedding cake is a very important part of the event so give special attention to every detail from decorations to flavors. You can use what decorations and colors you like as long as you use them in a tasteful and elegant way. You can try new ideas, flavors or decorations. But if you like classic style go with it. But remember: try to personalize everything. This way it will be more interesting and unique.

For example if you like fruits you can always use them at your wedding cake. They are special and look fantastic. The most popular fruits at a wedding cake are definitely strawberries. They are very popular because they symbolize love, romance and passion. Their magnificent color is great for decorating the cake and the sweet flavor is really tasteful.

Strawberries can be used as a flavor, as a decoration or as a cake topper. Here are some strawberry wedding cakes that you will surely appreciate.

Strawberry flavors and fillings
Strawberries are the fruits of summer but you can always find them in every season. They have a special and sweet flavor that everyone loves. A strawberry cake is fantastic so you can choose a strawberry cream cake or a strawberry filling. › Continue reading

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Ideas for You to Choose the Victorian Wedding Cakes

Today’s fashion in matters of weddings and wedding cake themes seems to incline the balance more and more towards those century, period or vintage wedding cakes. Many modern brides and grooms seem to fancy a 18th or a 19th century as a beautiful, romantic, grandiose and enchanting theme for the their wedding day.

One of the most desired and popular theme for the wedding is the Victorian theme. There are lots of unique and gorgeous ways to decorate a wedding with all kinds of epochal items just to create a more romantic a charming atmosphere. When it comes to the wedding cake, things aren’t too different either.

Couples can choose all kinds of sizes – in general those big and tall towered wedding cake make the best look for a Victorian theme, designs, shapes, decorative elements and toppers that can better evoke a Queen Victoria-inspired wedding cake style. › Continue reading

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Choose the Mustang Wedding Cakes for Your Wedding

Wedding is the event attended by family, friends, anyone close to ourselves. But the wedding is at the point where each of those mentioned above come together to celebrate the day! For this, the wedding party must occupy the most important place in our planning. Then you have to plan things in a smart and practical way. How do I start? First set roughly the budget. Then decide together with your partner the wedding theme.

After having established what will be the line and the wedding theme we  get to share. We know just what kind of wedding we want. What should keep in mind after that?  The wedding cake is a very important aspect of this day so be careful at the shape that you choose. To be original you can opt for a mustang wedding cake if you have a madness about this type of cars.

Laser printed wedding invitations are the latest fashion. Models and drawings are made directly on paper, creating a paper lace. For color, is recommended dark purple with gold calligraphy, black and deep pink, coral or navy blue with white. A trend is to be more personal. › Continue reading

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Ideas for You to Choose the Wedding Cakes With Shells

Whether you’re planning a tropical beach wedding or an exotic garden wedding, a wedding cake with shells might be the best choice for you.

You don’t have to cross the seas and the ocean to get to a sandy beach shore and officiate the wedding when you can recreate and evoke the sense of the ocean in your back yard or on a filed with a superb wedding cake with seashells. There are many ways to decorate a outdoors wedding that can reflect a seaside or a nautical mood and atmosphere and host a themed wedding cake with shells. And this type of cake makes a great choice also for  a winter wedding atmosphere!

It all depends on your personal style, vision and expectations. One can choose to decorate a wedding cake with shells vibrantly colored in all kinds of pastel, dynamical or earthy tones, such as light blue, aqua blue, navy blue, clear blue skies, ultramarine blue, teal, purple, violet, blush, cream, egg-white, pale yellow, lime green or emerald green, maroon, brown, black, scarlet red, fuchsia, coral, peachy, magenta, pearl gray, silver, gold or burgundy. › Continue reading

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Choose the Purple Wedding Cakes for Your Wedding

Anyone who has ever planned or helped to plan a wedding knows that all details are very important, which makes it such an overwhelming task. And as such the wedding cake is one of the important details. But one thing will make planning easier and reduce the number of decisions to be made. Choose a theme for your wedding early on. Choosing a purple theme for your wedding will narrow down your choice of flowers for the bridal bouquet, for the flower arrangements, for decorations for the reception venue and also for the cake. Purple was thought to symbolize royalty in ancient times. Nowadays purple is thought to help stimulate the imagination, is helpful for meditation and also symbolizes magic. If one believes in color symbolism, it makes purple a very good choice for a wedding theme.

Of course that not all the decisions can be narrowed down by the choice of theme or of color theme. One such decision is the cake’s shape. You can have a variety of conventional shapes, square, round, heart, multi-layered or one layer or you can go for more eccentric shapes like hat, gift box, wedding rings and basically most anything that comes to mind. If you’re having a traditional wedding you might want to go for more classical, elegant shapes. › Continue reading

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Choose Celtic Wedding Cakes for Your Wedding

Every civilization existing in our world bears the prints of its ancestors; we can find these prints in a variety of forms displayed all over the places either in museums, in the vestiges that archeologists bring to the broad day light, or in the tradition that is probably the only way to gather prints of the past in both a material and spiritual shapes, besides art and culture that is. But whereas these last two do not have a direct material impact into the daily life of people, tradition has the power to present the history in many representations, such as symbols that are widely used in expressing a tradition.

These symbols can be seen all over the social manifestations of tradition, for instance weddings. One may think that wedding is purely a personal expression of a family event, that doesn’t have to relate to customs or traditions, but the moment you plan a wedding whether you realize or not, you are somehow connected to the elements that constitute the tradition of the place where you belong to. A perfect example in this matter is the Irish wedding which has a way of unfolding itself in a form that brings it close to the Celtic people, population that inhabited their territory and set the bases of the civilization that exists today on Irish land. › Continue reading

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Choose French Wedding Cakes for the Wedding

French Wedding Cakes

France, the country that hosts so many romantic places filled with history and artistic life, especially Paris that is the European capital of artists – painters, sculptors, musicians, fashion designers, everything that is related to art finds its way on Montmartre, the famous hill on which the popular cabaret Moulin Rouge was built gathering famous singers and performers to appear in its shows. The 19th century and the beginning of the 20th have brought together artists that included Van Gogh,  Renoir, Degas, Utrillo, Toulouse-Lautrec, Picasso, Modigliani only to number a few of those who were inspired from the life of beautiful Paris.

To celebrate a romantic wedding, couples can choose Paris for their wedding location where with a help of a professional wedding planner they can get the best assistance in organizing their wedding. The attire is not that hard to find, considering that Paris is the capital of fashion as well and the planners are familiar to the places where you can find either the most exquisite wedding dress or one less expensive but having the same great effect as the one previously mentioned. The reception hall can differ according to every couple budget limits that can be either a French castle or a restaurant with traditional French food and drinks. › Continue reading

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