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Choose Italian Wedding Cakes for Your Wedding

Italian Wedding Cake

As in many other countries around the world, in Italy the wedding cake has a very special meaning. It is probably the highlight of the event and it is always sliced by both the bride and the groom, symbolizing the start of a life together, as husband and wife. What makes the Italian cake so special is that the tradition is being kept alive for centuries and they taste absolutely delicious.

To be more specific, the cake tradition dates back to the Roman Empire. Then, the groom used to break the cake over the bride’s head. This symbolized the end of the bride’s virginal state and the groom’s dominance over her. This tradition is no longer practiced. Another belief in the roman culture was that if the guests and the groom threw pieces of cake in the bride, the couple would have had many children. Nowadays, the wedding cake in Italy is a multi-layered cake with two little figures on top representing the bride and the groom. They smile and look over with approval in the direction of the guests. On the other hand, in some areas of Italy the cake is not served. There are served, instead, sugar almond wrapped up in tulle bags or decorative boxes. This is a symbol of accepting the new life as a couple, with good and bad, a “union between bitter and sweet”. › Continue reading

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Choose Rose Wedding Cakes for Your Wedding

Rose Wedding Cakes

The purple, coral and orange are the colors that compete with the red of your Valentine roses, thus purple roses mean that the one who gives them has fallen in love with the person to receive them, and the coral and orange roses symbolize desire. Then the other meanings follow: yellow roses for joy and friendship, pink roses for gratitude and appreciation, and the white roses meaning reverence and humility.

It is an elegant flower and its characteristics make the rose fit to be used only on special occasions, such as a wedding ceremony. And if you don’t have enough money to fill the wedding hall with rose flower arrangements and option would be to use the rose as the main theme for your wedding cake.

There is a wide variety of rose themed wedding cakes available on the market but you can also make them yourself if you have the necessary time and inspiration; a better suggestion would be to order them online because there you may find cheap and unique rose wedding cake designs, patterns, of all colors and shapes. › Continue reading

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Choose Polka Dot Wedding Cakes for Your Wedding

Polka Dot Wedding Cakes

A very modern and extremely romantic wedding desert is the polka dot wedding cake design. Lots of brides and grooms seem to like this splendid style for a n elegant, funny and trendy wedding, as long the polka dot is able to bring joy, enthusiasm and a touch or simplicity, gracefulness and elegance.

There so many ways of combining two beautiful colors to create a splendid polka dot wedding cake that some brides might find themselves overwhelmed with so many unique choices. To avoid any confusing and stressful situation, consult with your florist – in case you are planning of having a flower polka dot wedding cake or with a specialized wedding cake designer to choose the most beautiful design for you and your wedding.

The polka dot can be used as the general theme for a wedding, to express better the lightness and the good mood of such a special day of our lives. › Continue reading

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Ideas of perfect decorations for your autumn wedding cake


Since now it is the time of the fall wedding ceremonies; then the appropriate flowers that should decorate your wedding cake are the autumn ones. Anyway, besides of the fact that you will have matching items at your ceremony, you will also have some beautiful and fantastic colors exposed at your wedding. Therefore, in order to have a nice ambient, full of warm colors, you should definitely use these elements as the accessories of your wedding cake.

Flowers have the quality of embellishing in a natural and beautiful manner every single wedding item. Therefore, you should really take advantage of their beauty and that you should not hesitate to “over use” them. Because you would better use some flowers instead of some other tacky decorations, in order to end up with a magnificent and fabulous location.

But, if you think that the use of flowers is too common, and if you desire something unique for your ceremony, you can decorate your wedding cake with some brown, golden and even yellow leafs. › Continue reading

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Choose Satellite Wedding Cakes for the Wedding

Satellite Wedding Cakes

The style and designs of wedding cakes developed over the centuries. The wedding cake is one of the oldest and well kept wedding tradition all over the world. The wedding cakes had different styles over the years, and now you can basically choose any style and design you want because the wedding cake industry developed so much that everything is possible. Initially and in Middle Ages the guests will bring a single layer cake as a gift for the bride and groom.

Each cake then will be placed on top of each other to create a towel cake and the traditions said that the bride and groom should kiss over the towel cake if they managed to kiss without breaking the cakes was a good luck sign. So that was how the multilayer wedding cake appeared. There are so many style you can choose for your wedding cake, you can choose two, three, four or how many layers you want depending on how many guests you will have and how your wedding will be. The layers can be placed on top of each other, or you can choose separated layer place them next to each other, around each other, or you can create a satellite shape. › Continue reading

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Choose Red Wedding Cakes for the Wedding


Have you ever thought of planning a red wedding with a red wedding dress, a red decoration, red flowers and a red wedding cake? Well, you might want to consider having a romantic wedding in red, because there is no other color able to express best the passion, love and attraction between you and your groom.

For couples who want to try something more different and distinct can always choose a non-traditional wedding theme and red as a central color. White is a very extremely conventional and static color, while other wedding colors are gaining more and more ground so you’d better jump in the line and play along.

Lots of contemporary brides and grooms feel more enchanted and charmed with a colorful wedding theme. Just imagine how wonderful and amazing your red wedding dress would look like on you! › Continue reading

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Choose Yellow Wedding Cakes for the Wedding

Yellow Wedding Cakes

Cakes no matter how you choose to decorate them are yummy. People are used to follow the patterns of decorations in the purpose to render their cakes a special aspect that draw the line of distinction from other cakes. The cakes which are the most often used for the sake of decoration are the wedding cakes. They follow the rules of the wedding theme, if the case, or simply seek to borrow a feature from the couples’ personality. For instance a summertime wedding can use a colorful range of decorations both with flowers and other elements that constitute the composition of the wedding’s atmosphere.

And one of these elements is the wedding cake; its presence delivers a real delight to the wedding table and if the period of the wedding is summertime a fresh and joyful color for the cake’s icing is recommended. Yellow can be a good choice and offers at the same time a playful feeling while used in painting or decorating. › Continue reading

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Ideas for You to Choose Colorful Wedding Cakes

Colorful Wedding Cakes

Contemporary wedding cakes become more and more whimsical, trendy and fabulous than they ever were before. Even a simple modern wedding cake can be beautifully accessorized and decorated that the final result to be absolutely stunning. For example, one of the most creative and adorable types of modern wedding deserts are the colorful wedding cakes. More and more couples choose to have a unique and original wedding cake wonderful colored, designed and shaped. There are so many ways to design a colorful wedding cake that one can get to feel quite overwhelmed with so many options.

Trendy wedding cakes have always an intricate and fabulous design that no surprises are left in this matter. Anyone can choose a colorful wedding cake for the special day, especially if one loves today’s latest trends and is planning for a funny, funky, Disney, fairy-tale or any other themed wedding day. › Continue reading

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Ideas for You to Choose Blue And Brown Wedding Cakes

Blue And Brown Wedding Cakes

Weddings are family events that are defined by colorful atmosphere more colorful than any another event that occurs in the life of a family. Young couples like to put a print of their personality into the palette of elements that compose a wedding and according to this they try to find ways that emphasize their beliefs toward this special event. Colors are the elements that bring savor to the note of the wedding celebration; they are the ones to draw guests’ attention when it comes to wedding attires, decorations, flowers, even wedding cakes.

People use colors not necessarily because they are aware of their meaning, but because some colors bring a certain delight to their sights. They favor pink to red, because pink is softer and sweeter than the impulsive red, they prefer light blue to the blue Marin because the former is more relaxing to their eyes than the serious dark blue Marin and examples can go on. But these traits of which people are not conscious about, determine a color to be favored to another one. › Continue reading

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Make Your Wedding Cake for the Wedding


Everything that is made by any cooker’s hand when it comes to cooking or baking can be as well made by you as a future bride looking to find ways of how to make wedding cake. The point is that any woman who is good at baking knowing how to bake a cake can as well bake her own wedding cake considering that this can save you some pretty good money, let alone the fun you could have in this initiative. When you plan on doing this on your own, it means that you know already for how many people you are supposed to make the cake.

Maybe this can be rather hard to determine when it comes to quantity of ingredients, but generally speaking, when you find a recipe and instructions on how to make wedding cakes you would find also the number of servings that the specific cake can be made for. Now that this issue is settled, you should further move to searching the type of wedding cake you want to bake. › Continue reading

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