Dessert Tables
Dessert Tables:

Dessert tables include a small beautifully decorated display cake for your special occasion
with a mixed selection of delicious dessert cakes & cupcakes.
Cake menu cards included!

Dessert table pricing is done according to the flavor category and set-up option chosen.
Each flavor category includes a mix of that flavor group and all listed before it. Example: if
you chose the Premium option you will receive a mix of Favorites, Deluxe and Premium to
keep all of your guests happy.

Set-up options available are as follows, minimum of 50 guests required:

#1 – Customer pick-up, no delivery or arranging done by CFAO

#2 – CFAO will arrange cakes & cupcakes at hall and place menu cards

#3 – Finishing Touch set-up: CFAO will arrange cakes & cupcakes at hall on dessert stands
and serving plates of various heights. We will also embellish your display with appropriate
table décor such as clouded material, hall friendly candles, floral accents, theme items, etc.
and place menu cards for each item.

Pricing:                 Option #1                        Option #2                        Option #3
Favorites                $4.95                                $5.20                                $7.25
Deluxe                    $5.45                                $5.70                                $7.95
Premium                $5.95                                $6.20                                $8.45
Signature                $7.95                               $8.20                                $10.45
Cocktail Hour         $8.15                                $8.40                                $10.65
Top Shelve             $8.70                                $8.95                                $11.20

***Add assorted candy & chocolates including a wrapped & ribboned
handmade chocolate favor for each guest attending your event for ONLY $5
more per person!!!!!