Our prices start at only $4.95 per person for tiered cakes,
we do not charge more for wedding cakes as some bakeries do.
It is the same price whether the cake is for a wedding, a birthday or any other occasion.

Cupcakes are the same price per person as a cake

CakeShots! They're cute, they're fun, they WILL be remembered and they are only
$.50 extra per serving!
ANY cake flavor with or without liquor can be made into a CakeShot!

***If you are on a budget, we offer the option of a smaller cake on display with extra cake servings
in the kitchen at a discounted price.
See prices for server cakes at the end of this page.

Flavors marked with a
<> are not available as samples.

Flavor Choices:

***Gluten Free / Dairy Free / Soy Free - add $3 per serving <>
We will do our best to accommodate allergy requests, however as you can see from our flavor list,
we use a wide variety of ingredients. We can not assure any cake to be nut - soy - dairy - gluten - etc. free

Favorite Flavors - $4.95 per person
French Vanilla – Traditional white vanilla wedding cake
Gold Butter – Rich yellow butter cake
Golden Vanilla – Combination of both vanilla & butter cake
Marble – Chocolate swirled thru any of the above flavors
Chocolate Fudge – Sinful dark fudge cake

Deluxe Flavors - $5.25 per person
½ & ½ - each tier golden vanilla & chocolate fudge
Almond – Vanilla cake flavored with sweet almond
Lemon – Butter cake flavored with light lemon
Spice – Butter cake with cinnamon, nutmeg & ginger
Orange – Butter cake flavored with orange
Strawberry – A solid pink strawberry cake
Cherry – Vanilla cake flavored with sweet cherry
Mocha – Milk chocolate with a hint of coffee
Cremecicle – orange swirled thru vanilla cake
Colored Marble – Vanilla cake swirled with your favorite color
BCA - Breast Cancer Awareness - We have all been touched by this cancer by family or friends.
BCA is a vanilla cake with pink ribbons of color swirled throughout. A portion of the price from cakes
ordered in this flavor will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation - Congratulations Laurie!
Cinnamon Swirl – Butter cake swirled with cinnamon
Strawberry Swirl – Vanilla cake swirled with strawberry
Cherry Swirl – Vanilla cake swirled with cherry
Lemon Swirl – Vanilla cake swirled with lemon
Lemon Strawberry Swirl – Lemon cake with strawberry swirls
Chocolate Mint – Fudge cake infused with peppermint

Premium Flavors - $5.75
Fleur-de-lis - Butter cake with brown sugar, cinnamon & nutmeg
Lemon Poppyseed – Lemon cake with poppyseeds
Cappuccino – Butter cake rich with coffee
Cappuccino Marble – Above cake swirled with chocolate
Chocolate Chip – Vanilla cake scattered with chocolate chips
Double Chocolate Chip – Fudge cake with chocolate chips
Reverse Chocolate Chip – Chocolate cake w/ white chocolate chips
Cherry Nut – Cherry cake scattered with chopped nuts
Red Velvet – Red southern favorite of chocolate vanilla cake,
also available in Blue Velvet, Purple Velvet or Green Velvet
Black & White – ½ vanilla cake with chocolate chips &
½ chocolate fudge cake with white chocolate chips
Maple Walnut – Maple butter cake with chopped walnuts

Signature Flavors - $7.75 per person
Banana Spice – Rich spice butter cake with fresh bananas <>
Banana Walnut – Above cake with chopped walnuts <>
Carrot – Spice Butter cake with shredded carrots <>
Carrot Walnut <>
Carrot Walnut Coconut <>
Carrot Walnut Raison <>
Carrot Walnut Raison Coconut <>
Rocky Road – Fudge cake filled with nuts & marshmallows <>
Pina Colada – Butter cake filled with pineapple & coconut <>
Fudge Brownie Decadence – Chocolate Fudge cake scattered with chocolate chips &
walnuts, filled with chocolate buttercream & laced with rich chocolate fudge

Cocktail Hour - $7.95 per person
The Nightcap - Golden vanilla cake laced with irish creme
Ultimate Mocha - Chocolate Fudge cake laced with coffee liquor
Spiced Nitecap - Golden vanilla cake laced with Irish creme & sprinkled with nutmeg
Angel's Kiss - French vanilla cakes laced with whipped creme vodka & white chocolate liquor
White Russian - Cappuccino cake laced with coffee liquor
Comet - French vanilla cake laced with Irish creme & amaretto
Amore - French vanilla cake laced with amaretto & coffee liquor then filled with almond buttercream
Margarita - Vanilla cake swirled with lime, laced with tequila & filled with lime creme
Hurricane - Orange swirl cake laced with rum and filled with crushed pineapple rum filling <>
Spiced Pina Colada - Pina colada cake with spiced rum <>

Cocktail Hour Top Shelf - $8.50 per person
Mudslide - Cappuccino Marble cake laced with Coffee Liquor & Irish crème with coffee liquor filling
*Wedding Toast - delicate pale pink swirled french vanilla cake laced
with champagne and filled with champagne creme
*Mimosa - Cremecicle cake laced with champagne & filled with orange creme filling <>
Strawberry Daiquiri - Strawberry cake laced with rum and filled with strawberry creme
*wedding toast or mimosa cakes have a minimum of 25 servings required

Every cake is frosted with our fresh vanilla buttercream at no charge.
Buttercream options include:
Vanilla Buttercream – Freshly homemade & delicious……….…....….$n/c
Almond Buttercream – Sweet almond flavored frosting………........…$.50
Chocolate Buttercream – Creamy milk chocolate …….………....….....$.75
Peppermint Buttercream – Tinted pink if desired………………....…....$1.00
Banana Buttercream – perfect on any cake with spices…………....…$1.00
Coconut Buttercream – Vanilla buttercream w/ shredded coconut....$1.50

Lace Options - Laces are the most popular way to add that little extra to your cake.
Unlike fillings, laces are layered between each layer of cake and the buttercream filling.

Favorite Laces - 25 cents per person
Raspberry or Strawberry

Premium Laces - $2 per person
Apricot <>                       Lemon <>                  Peanut Butter
Fudge                             Amaretto                    Caramel
Spiced Rum                   Coffee Liquor            Irish Crème

Filling Options - Fillings are placed directly between the two layers of cake in each tier

Favorite Fillings - 75 cents per person

Strawberry Creme                        Raspberry Creme
Chocolate Creme                          Peppermint Creme
Banana Creme                              Peanutbutter Creme
Mocha Creme                                Lemon Creme

Premium Fillings - $2 per person
Cream Cheese – *Used as a filling only <>
Crushed Pineapple <>                       Cinnamon Apple <>
Fresh Strawberries <>                       Coffee Liquor Filling
Chopped Nuts
<>                                Coconut Filling
Chocolate Chips                                 White Chocolate Chips  

Please add $25 per tier for all shaped cakes such as Squares, Hearts and Hexagons.

*Smooth buttercream frosted cakes add $25 per tier - this cake has no top borders

*** If you are on a budget, we offer the option of a smaller cake on display with
extra cake servings in the kitchen at a discounted price. Your 2 options are:

Server Cakes starting at $3.75 per person: These cakes are 2 layers with filling like the wedding cake
Sheet Cakes starting at $2 per person: These cakes are single layer with out a filling
Flavors & Prices