Party Cakes
Sweetheart Castle
Prices start at $8 per serving
Cross Cake
Prices start at $5 per serving
Sheet Cakes - Prices start at: 1/4 sheet(9"x13") = $38     1/3 sheet(11"x15") = $48     1/2 sheet(12"x18") = $58  
3/4 sheet (15"x22") = $100  full sheet (18"x24") = $145  Prices reflect stock flavors and basic decorations
Soccer cake
Price starts with sheet cake size,
add $50 per soccer ball + player kit
Cake shown was based
on a full sheet base
Number Shaped Cakes
Prices start at $6 per serving
Baby Shower Quilt
Prices start at $4 per serving
Lobster Cake - Prices starting at $12 per serving
On the party cake pages you will find examples of different celebration cakes,
as well as starting prices for each style. Starting prices are for cakes created
in our "favorites" flavors. We also have a large selection of hundreds of popular
character cakes such as Barbie, Transformers, Cinderella, Care Bears and Batman,
contact us to see who we have in stock!

Party cupcakes decorated with sprinkles
start at $30 per dozen

When comparing pricing make sure you are
comparing the same product.

We have not only listed
1/4 Sheet - 1/2 Sheet - 3/4 Sheet - Full Sheet
we have listed the actually sizes.
We have noticed some places calling what
we consider a half sheet their "full sheet".
Sheet cake with photos
Add $10 per picture
Shaped Entwined Hearts
Prices start at $6 per serving
Add $10 per picture
Outlined Entwined Hearts
Same price as basic sheet cakes
Stacked Baby Blocks
Prices start at $6 per serving
Baby Shower cake frosted in
buttercream and decorated
with fondant dots and bow.
Prices start at $7 per serving