Everyone wants to do their part to save this beautiful land we call home.
Even the little things you do can add up quickly.
When planning your wedding you can make choices that as
you look at everything when your special day is over,
the savings, both for the planet & your wallet - is substantial.
Below are ideas for reception sites, flowers, invitations
and what we do for our part concerning your cake.

For our part, cakes are made
with delicious readily available ingredients.
When baking your cake, we have gone from 2 regular ovens
to an oven designed just for baking.
It has heating elements both on top & below each baking rack.
We are able to prep multiple pans of cake batter
and bake up to 3 complete wedding cakes at once,
thus cutting down on electricity used.
We have 2 different refrigeration units.
One is small that we use for our winter season and we
also have a large 2 sliding door cooler that is only used during
our busy season when we have multiple cakes.

Our ingredients are purchased in bulk units when possible,
which cuts down on packaging we would throw away.
ALL ingredient packaging is recycled.
When presenting your cake, we rent out our stands, supports and fountains
that are returned, cleaned and sanitized to be reused.
Cake and cupcake stands are manufactured to be reused,
not thrown away after a single use, just like items from a restaurant.
You would never see a restaurant throwing away the silverwear,
plates and glasses after each use, they are used multiple times.

A big thing we have done is cut down on any brochures for our company.
We refer interested customers to this website rather than
mailing out brochures and flyers.
This cuts down on paper use, envelopes and postage
which in turns helps keep our prices down.

Reception Sites
Look at where your guests live and choose a location centrally located to most of
your guests, cutting down on both travel time & costs. Choosing a location that
can accommodate both your ceremony & reception will help even more.

A huge savings can be found in your paper stationary.
Invitations - complete with 2 separate envelopes & a piece of tissue,
reception cards, direction cards, r.s.v.p. cards & envelopes,
2 sets of postage stamps, etc.
These can all now be done with a click of your mouse.
Easier to track, no invites or r.s.v.p.'s lost in the mail
and all at a savings of a few hundred dollars.

Use easy to obtain flowers rather than imported blossoms
that can make your floral bill equal your next house payment.
Your florist will thank you for being flexible.
They now do not have to worry about the extra cost of out of season flowers
coming in on time and not being in great condition when they do arrive.