Custom Bobbleheads: Step-by-Step Guide on How They Are Made

You might think about having a personalized bobblehead manufactured if you’re looking for a silly, unique, and thoughtful gift. Most people enjoy having a bobblehead that looks great and is a miniature version of themselves.

With their versatility, bobbleheads are excellent presents. You can set one on your desk to liven up your workspace or put one on the dashboard of your car so that you always have a miniature version of yourself with you when driving. It will undoubtedly make people grin or chuckle wherever you chose to place it.

You’ve arrived to the right site if you’ve ever wondered how these bobbleheads are created. The step-by-step procedure for creating bobbleheads is shown below. Let’s start now!

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1 Step 1: Choose a picture
2 Make the mold in step two.
3 Step 3: Customer consultation and approval
Step 4: Assembly and painting
Step 5: Sent and packaged
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Step 1: Choose a picture
Selecting the image you wish to transform into a bobblehead doll is a crucial stage in generating bespoke bobbleheads. This picture can be one of you, a friend, or a family member. Some couples even order bobbleheads to be used as the toppers for their wedding cakes!

To make it simpler for the artist to make the bobblehead, you should provide a clear and large photo. It’s best to provide multiple views and images, such as profiles and close-ups of the face’s attractive features, if you want to capture all the subtleties.

Step 2: Make a mold.
The artist will use the photograph you provide when they transfer it into a mold to produce a 3D depiction of the head and face. At MinifyMe, our artists work with polymer clay, a substance that is safe to use and can be finely molded.

The desired bobblehead will then be made by our artisans using only the best materials and methods after they have taken the necessary time to carefully and expertly recreate the image you have provided.

Step 3: Customer consultation and approval
When the artist has finished the mould, they will send you a proof and arrange a meeting with you in case you need to make any changes to the mould before allowing it to proceed with the rest of the manufacturing.

The artist will then cast the mold of the bobblehead after the purchaser has accepted the mold. You should keep in mind that once you’ve granted your consent, you might not be able to make more significant modifications to the head throughout construction. The head’s structure and shape will not change, but you can still ask for different body types and paint jobs.

Step 4: Assembly and painting
The artist will start to exercise their artistic muscles and delicately paint your bobblehead doll once the cast is finished and the body has been affixed.

The doll will be put together once the artist has finished painting the head and body pieces. To make the hollow body sway, the head is fastened to it. In order for the head’s weight and anchor mechanism to function and allow for “bobbling,” you need to attach the head to a hollow body.

Step 5: Sent and packaged
Your bobblehead doll is now ready, finished, and tested before being sent directly to you. Because customer happiness is crucial, each bobblehead is produced to perfection and has a true likeness, guaranteeing that you get the doll you wanted.

An artist and consumer work together to create a unique bobblehead. The artist makes sure they have every request and detail you provided from the very beginning of the production process till the doll is mailed to you. We can also promise that once you have the bobblehead doll with you, you will be grinning ear to ear!

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